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Home Office: What is the best collaborative tool for remote work?


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Despite restrictions imposed due to social distancing during the pandemic, this has not prevented us from continuing to communicate with our colleagues, clients, family, or friends through a collaborative tool.


These platforms facilitate the assignment of responsibilities, traceability, and fluid communication, through their various functions such as video calls, file transfer and editing, online seminars, collaboration and much more.


Undoubtedly, the question of ‘which collaborative tool is most ideal for companies’ has arisen. We’re currently witnessing a hard-fought competition for superiority between different candidates such as ‘Teams,’ ‘Zoom,’ ‘Google Meet,’ and  ‘GoToMeeting.’

However, Microsoft Teams has managed to win the hearts of each of its users, facilitating communication between colleagues, customers, and students.

Why is Teams the best collaborative tool?

The Teams application offers an entire suite of integrated functionalities to communicate, share ideas and documents. However, it not only offers collaboration but much more:

1. Full customization:

One of the best features of the platform is the fast and complete customization of its functions that will allow you to get better organized, increasing your productivity and improving your experience.


For example, it allows you to have all the necessary tools without having to leave the application, by adding the applications you need in the Teams tabs.


Similarly, you can configure and customize your work teams, ringtones, videoconference wallpapers and much more.

2. Use the platform from different devices!

Another advantage is its accessibility from different devices, allowing you to stay connected and accessible at all times and wherever you are. Likewise, you can receive notifications with chat or call alerts, even if you don’t have the application open.

3. Security and privacy

Now, more than ever, we need to be sure that our virtual conversations are private and 100% protected. The collaborative tool has high security controls and data protection that will keep users safe from cyber attacks.


Microsoft Teams is a very complete collaborative tool, since it not only allows us to make calls or chat, but also gives us the possibility to make videoconferences, live webinars, online document editing and sharing, set tasks, interactive group planners amongst many more.

Without a doubt, the platform knew how to conquer its users, thus being the most used collaborative tool and the best for all types of companies.

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