CxC Voice Core Platform

A Smart VoIP Telephone Platform with Convergia SIP trunking, PSTN, numbers (DID) and optional desk and soft phones for Enterprise, Wholesale and Residential VoIP Service providers!

  • Channel Partner portal with custom branding
  • SIP Trunk management
  • DID management
  • Prepaid / Postpaid account management

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  • IP & SIP Termination
  • Rates management
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Reports

SIP trunking yields significant cost savings on VOIP business phone systems. If the business already has an IP-PBX system then they can take advantage of SIP trunking to make all local and global long-distance calls

Rapid scalability:

With SIP Trunking, you can expand the system one SIP Channel at a time whereas traditional PRIs have to be ordered in increments of 23. This allows companies to easily add capacity and keep pace with corporate growth rates whether they are spiked or consistent

Quickly and easily add numbers to your SIP Trunk and terminate them on your IP PBX

Move offices and keep the same number – SIP Trunks are not bound to a location

Reduced costs:

Low monthly Line & DID Rental SIP Trunks eliminate the need for local PSTN gateways, expensive PRI hardware, complicated network management tools, cabling and the additional expenses incurred when companies have to maintain separate voice and data networks

Advanced features:

To increase workforce productivity and collaboration, Convergia offers an innovative set of next-gen communications solutions including virtual numbers, unified communications and more

Eliminate VoIP Gateways – SIP Trunks will eliminate the need to buy and manage VoIP Gateways

Leverage a modern IP PBX – Modern IP PBX / Unified Communications solutions will give customers increased productivity, mobility and boost sales

CxC Voice Core Platform with Convergia

CxC Voice Core Platform enables provider resellers and customers to monitor comprehensive call statistics, including total calls, answered calls, failed calls, and profit, on both weekly and monthly intervals

Create multi level resellers and each reseller will be able to configure their own rates and customers. Resellers will be able to do below operations in system;

  • Create customers & sub-resellers
  • Configure rate groups & rates
  • Purchase DIDs
  • Invoices
  • Reports Management
  • Personalize invoices configurations

Convergia offers complete Voice services including access to a growing infrastructure of Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers

DID numbers allow PSTN users to directly reach VoIP users, calls from the PSTN will be directed to the VoIP user who holds the corresponding DID number


The billing module lets its users (admin / reseller) apply various basic settings related to invoicing and billing as well as from this module, the users can also automate the process of invoicing and billing

  • Configuration of
  • One time taxation amount
  • CDR charge
  • Product subscription fee
  • Product package fee
  • DID number charge
  • Post charges
  • Invoice generation mode (Confirmed or Draft)
  • Invoice generation for accounts with no usage

DIDs management

Convergia DID numbers ready to offer to the reseller and customers

Guide you how resellers or customer can purchase the DID numbers from panel


Major features of the invoice module:

  • Auto renewal facility is available for Product and services So whatever the product and services has been ordered by customer or resellers it will be automatically renewed by system
  • System send automatic renewal notification to customer about the product and services related reminder
  • System doing automatic billing for all type of product and services
  • Having option available to generate invoice or not for specific customer
  • Customer can set preferable date for the invoice generation
  • Facility to export invoices as a PDF
  • Invoice generation notification is there
  • Independent invoice sequence management for Admin and reseller
  • Facility to set invoice number prefix as per your choice
  • Facility to generate invoices in draft mode
  • Facility to generate invoices in confirm mode
  • Email alert on invoice generation
  • Auto reset the package usage at the time of monthly billing
  • Facility to make payment of outstanding invoice through Paypal Payment gateway
  • Also we are having Charge History report where customer/reseller/admin can find complete list of transaction which are going included on specific invoice.

Account Management

ASTPP supports multilayer hierarchical user types (Super Admin, Admin, Reseller, Customer), each labeled as an individual account with a different set of features. Each account holds different roles and permissions controlled by the higher level account

Rate Groups / Tariffs

One can configure different rate groups and tariff plans with a few clicks. The rate groups and tariffs can be created, assigned and managed swiftly. The admin and reseller can also create independent rate groups and tariff plans

Calling Cards

Call Routing Strategies

The call routing aka distribution strategy influences many factors in the VoIP business such as, call rates, customer experience, call quality and more. Thus, ASTPP allows businesses to take benefits of basic to advanced call routing strategies built with smart algorithms

Call Rates

Product Management

DID Management

Invoicing and Billing

Each business model is different and so does the type of customers in one group. Thus, ASTPP allows businesses to configure different types of rates based on different criteria still the invoicing and billing will be automated and accurate

Get complete command over your DID business with a wide array of features availed to manage, control and run DID business successfully. It supports all types of DIDs for residential and wholesale business models

Enjoy benefits related to multiple product support with complete control over invoice, reselling and usage of different products to assure better product management with centralized command on individual products

An extensive range of features to generate, control and automate invoicing and billing process in the VoIP business. Resellers can apply their own settings to use white label reselling business benefits

The complete calling card business with / without reseller module can flourish with all-embracing feature range offered by ASTPP in its calling card module to manage, control and run various operations related to calling cards

Get an extensive range of reports to stay well informed and well aware of the business performance. Get real time alerts via SMS and email on trigger of the specific events

Reports and Alerts

System Settings

All system level configurations and settings can be applied through the system setting / configuration module. These settings get applied to all accounts until the subaccount applies new overlapping settings, if allowed to

Payment Gateways

Receive payment by configuring PayPal account. Independent PayPal account integration is enabled to benefit both, main service provider and reseller

Reseller Account

ASTPP is the only VoIP platform that allows admin and its resellers to have individual payment gateway configurations for payment processing. ASTPP supports all popular payment gateways




Automated Report


Access Control


FoIP (Fax over IP)

Did Call Transfer

Demand Based Routing


Country Reports


Local Number


International Credit Management


Fraud Detection


Number Portability Service





Rate Simulator

Personalized Rates


Ported Number (South Africa)


Switch Monitoring

Shadow Billing


Help Desk


ACL Management

Two-Factor Authentication


To configure list of permissions defines what network entities are allowed to have access

Account Range

The ASTPP system generates an account number based on its own algorithms. With this Add-on, user can create his own range of account numbers



Service Availability


Dominican Republic




United States




El Salvador



Costa Rica




By having local and regional presence, Convergia can provide personalized services throughout, Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil

Pan-American Coverage

Cost Efficient

Constant Connectivity

Our solution is more affordable hosted in the cloud than on premise, because Convergia covers the maintenance, administration, power, support and warranty, all while keeping clients updated

No matter the time or place, clients and their employees can access meetings, make, and receive calls and messages from anywhere in the world

Seamless Deployment

The client can easily deploy a phone extension with an application, physical desk phone, or web browser

Mobility & Remote Work

Make and receive calls from your customers or coworkers from any device, anywhere, anytime

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