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Move your communications to the cloud with CxC SIP trunking

for Global VoIP and Unified Communications

CxC VoIP based Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking service is a cost-effective, secure, reliable and flexible IP based solution, with SIP managed communication channels for your VoIP Unified Communication requirements

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CxC SoftSwitch

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Invoiced from your selected country in the preferred currency with local support in your own language

Convergia offers complete Voice services including access to a growing infrastructure of Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers

DID numbers allow PSTN users to directly reach VoIP users, calls from the PSTN will be directed to the VoIP user who holds the corresponding DID number

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Dominican Republic




United States




El Salvador



Costa Rica



SIP trunking yields significant cost savings on VOIP business phone systems. If the business already has an IP-PBX system then they can take advantage of SIP trunking to make all local and global long-distance calls

Rapid scalability:

With SIP Trunking, you can expand the system one SIP Channel at a time whereas traditional PRIs have to be ordered in increments of 23. This allows companies to easily add capacity and keep pace with corporate growth rates whether they are spiked or consistent

Greater security:

Convergia SIP Trunks provide voice encryption to mitigate the risk of a communications breach

Quickly and easily add numbers to your SIP Trunk and terminate them on your IP PBX

Move offices and keep the same number – SIP Trunks are not bound to a location

Reduced costs:

Low monthly Line & DID Rental SIP Trunks eliminate the need for local PSTN gateways, expensive PRI hardware, complicated network management tools, cabling and the additional expenses incurred when companies have to maintain separate voice and data networks

Advanced features:

To increase workforce productivity and collaboration, Convergia offers an innovative set of next-gen communications solutions including virtual numbers, unified communications and more

Eliminate VoIP Gateways – SIP Trunks will eliminate the need to buy and manage VoIP Gateways

Leverage a modern IP PBX – Modern IP PBX / Unified Communications solutions will give customers increased productivity, mobility and boost sales

  • Toll-free numbers
  • Low cost domestic and long-distance calling
  • Enhance 9-1-1 compliance (E911)
  • Failover with call rerouting capable
  • Dynamically allocate voice bandwidth
  • Secure SIP trunk channels over VPN
  • Monitored and Managed as a Service (CxC M&M)
  • Dynamically scalable SIP channels
  • Works with any on-premise PBX or cloud PBX
  • Integrate SIP trunking with any UCaaS and Contact Center providers
  • 3CX, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEX
  • Port your existing phone numbers
  • Add new numbers, DID localized to your country


By having local and regional presence, Convergia can provide personalized services throughout, Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil

Pan-American Coverage

Cost Efficient

Constant Connectivity

Our solution is more affordable hosted in the cloud than on premise, because Convergia covers the maintenance, administration, power, support and warranty, all while keeping clients updated

No matter the time or place, clients and their employees can access meetings, make, and receive calls and messages from anywhere in the world

Seamless Deployment

The client can easily deploy a phone extension with an application, physical desk phone, or web browser

Mobility & Remote Work

Make and receive calls from your customers or coworkers from any device, anywhere, anytime

CxC Webex Calling is a complete enterprise phone system in the cloud, with all the benefits of a traditional office PBX phone system and team collaboration solution in a single package

CxC SIP Trunking works with any on-premise or cloud based PBX and UCaaS solution

Simple, affordable and flexible, CxC 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems, or the limitations of a shared cloud PBX

CxC BroadCloud is a unified communications and collaboration tool, that lets you call, message, and meet with anyone from any device

CxC SoftSwitch is a core software-based communications management solution that provides call control intelligence to establish, monitor, maintain, secure, route, terminate, dial and account for SIP Channel sessions on the Voice over IP (VoIP) network

CxC Teams bring full voice capability into Microsoft Teams. Any company using Microsoft Teams as their unified communications tool can choose Convergia as their favored provider for voice

CxC SIP Trunking helps you save money when making local and long distance calls, plus it has a robust, stable and redundant network. It can be integrated with various HPBX applications and platforms

Grandstream Networks, Inc. offers a broad range of open standard SIP Unified Communications products and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

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