CxC Voice Broadcast Platform

Voice Broadcasting Platform (VBP) automatically calls, and connects agents with customers to deliver audio messages

Enterprise Call Centers of any size can connect with their audiences in a friendly and cost-effective way

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Auto Dialer

Increase your team’s efficiency by automating the dialing process with the Auto Diler

This feature saves valuable time by automatically dialing numbers, leaving your team free to focus on engaging with prospects and closing deals

CxC Voice Broadcast Platform Modules

Answer Machine Detection

Detects answering machines (IVRs and Voicemails) at the beginning of outbound calls. If the system detects an IVR or Voicemail the system Hang-up the call

Custom Caller ID

Change the caller ID of outgoing calls from the list of Convergia DIDs assigned to the customer. The system has three custom caller ID options: Full, Pinned and By Destination


Use the full list of Caller ID from the list of Convergia DID's assigned to the customer


Select any custom caller ID from the callerid list and use same callerid until number of retries or call has not been answered by customer

By Destination

Select the callerid closest to the dialed number considering the area code and country code. If the area code is defined in the area code module, then the system will take the caller ID from the caller ID pool; otherwise it will take the caller ID from the country's caller ID list


CxC Voice Broadcasting Platform Features


VBP enables users to make multiple automated calls with a pre-recorded message, saving time and resources while ensuring the recipient hears the entire message

Scheduling Options

VBP provides the flexibility to schedule call times, ensuring messages are delivered at the most convenient times for recipients

Answering Machine Detection

VBP can detect when a call is answered by an answering machine and can automatically stop playing the recorded message upon detecting the answering machine’s “beep”

Call Transferring/Live Connections

Features such as call transferring or live connection options enhance customer service by allowing customers to connect directly with agents if they need further assistance after the initial automated call

VBP includes IVR systems, allowing for interactive communication with recipients and enabling them to respond to prompts during the call

To respect privacy and comply with regulations, VBP includes features to manage Do Not Call lists, ensuring that calls are not made to numbers on these lists

List Management & Messaging Customization

VBP offers list management and messaging customization capabilities, enabling marketers to segment target audiences based on various factors like gender, age group, location, language, etc

Reporting and Analytic

VBP provide detailed reports and analytics, giving users insights into the performance of their campaigns and helping them make data-driven decisions

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Do Not Call (DNC) Compliance

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

Fostering Human Connection Voice Broadcasting offer a unique opportunity for real-time, human-to-human interaction. This form of communication often fosters greater trust in businesses and helps build stronger relationships with prospects. Understanding your customers’ personalities can also inform more effective marketing strategies

Preparation Advantage Voice Broadcasting allow for the use of well-crafted scripts and provide ample preparation time. This ensures that representatives are not caught off guard by incoming calls and are well-equipped to manage the conversation flow effectively

Personalized Outreach Voice Broadcasting stands out as a highly targeted and personal method of outreach. Prior research about the prospect ensures that representatives can address their specific needs and pain points during the call

Identifying Valuable Prospects Direct communication with prospects enables representatives to instantly identify and qualify valuable leads. This process helps refine contact lists and improve outbound calling efforts. Outbound calls also provide an opportunity to learn more about your customer base by observing their reactions to relevant topics discussed during the call

No Geographical Limitations Voice Broadcasting enable businesses to expand internationally without the need for physical offices in other countries, thus saving on additional costs. This method of communication effectively removes geographical boundaries, allowing your business to reach prospects worldwide

Small Business Owners

Voice broadcasting software offers an efficient way for small business owners to send automated messages to a large audience, saving both time and money

Example Customers that benefit from a Voice Broadcasting Platform

This software streamlines the process of reaching out to customers, offering a swift communication solution for customer service teams

Customer Service Representative

Voice broadcasting software enables sales representatives to promptly follow up with leads and reach a larger pool of potential customers in less time

Sales Teams

For non-profit organizations and volunteers, voice broadcasting serves as an effective tool for maintaining contact with donors and stakeholders without the need for manual calls

Non-Profits & Volunteers

Automated messages facilitated by voice broadcasting software allow faith-based organizations and churches to disseminate their messages to members efficiently and systematically

Faith Organizations & Churches

Government organizations utilize voice broadcast systems for a range of purposes, from issuing emergency alerts to making public service announcements, ensuring quick and efficient large-scale communication

Government Agencies

Schools, colleges, and universities can use voice broadcasting software to send out important announcements, reminders about deadlines, or emergency alerts to students and staff

Educational Institutions

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers can use this software to send appointment reminders, health tips, and emergency alerts to patients

Healthcare Providers

Retail businesses can use voice broadcasting to announce sales, offer special promotions, or provide updates about new products to their customers

Retail Businesses

For event organizers, voice broadcasting can be used to send out event updates, reminders, or changes to attendees

Event Organizers


By having local and regional presence, Convergia can provide personalized services throughout, Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil

Pan-American Coverage

Cost Efficient

Constant Connectivity

Our solution is more affordable hosted in the cloud than on premise, because Convergia covers the maintenance, administration, power, support and warranty, all while keeping clients updated

No matter the time or place, clients and their employees can access meetings, make, and receive calls and messages from anywhere in the world

Seamless Deployment

The client can easily deploy a phone extension with an application, physical desk phone, or web browser

Mobility & Remote Work

Make and receive calls from your customers or coworkers from any device, anywhere, anytime

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