Rugged and reliable cellular routers that deliver excellent value. Easily to add to any network as a primary router or as a backup for seamless VPN failover

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Increase bandwidth, enhance internet reliability, and reduce costs with Peplink’s enterprise branch and cellular routers. Their SD-WAN solutions make it possible to monitor WAN health and quality to make intelligent decisions on traffic flow

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LTE & 5G wireless for backup and primary connectivity services

  • You need internet connectivity now, but the cable installer says it will take four to six weeks
  • Your business needs to stay up and running at all times; outages are not acceptable
  • You need the ability to remotely manage your network
  • You need mobile connectivity anywhere your business needs to be
  • You need to set up a business network inside another business
  • A physical buildout is expensive, inconvenient, or even impossible
  • Your workers need a flexible work environment
  • Employees work in shared office spaces
  • Your work-from-home employees need reliable connectivity

With the PoE input feature, Peplink Routers can seamlessly extend your existing SD-WAN infrastructure to provide single or dual LTE/5G connectivity

Use one cable for both power and data

– it’s that simple

Ideal for use cases such as small offices, mobile retail, kiosks, construction site connectivity, and temporary business locations

Easily Add Cellular Connectivity to Existing Networks

Speed & Reliability

SpeedFusion Technology

Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology enables enterprise VPNs to combine bandwidth from multiple low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected on your corporate or institutional WAN

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Patented technology that enables fast and reliable connectivity anytime, anywhere


WAN Smoothing


Hot Failover

In the event of a WAN disconnection, Hot Failover will transfer your traffic to another connection while maintaining session persistence. This means ongoing sessions, such as POS transactions and video calls, will not experience interruptions

WAN Smoothing utilizes intelligent algorithms to fill in connectivity gaps, trading bandiwth for greater connection resiliency, WAN Smoothing minimizes latency and reduces the impact of packet loss


Dynamic Weighted Bonding

Dynamic Weighted Bonding improves bandwidth bonding performance by matching connections with similar latencies together, so that a connection with high latency will not drag down overall performance


InControl 2

Provision, monitor, manage
All from a single screen

Device Management


Network Settings

  • Live Monitoring
  • Configuration

SpeedFusion VPN / SpeedFusion


  • Outbound Policy
  • Firewall Rules
  • Grouped Networks
  • Access Control List
  • VLAN Networks
  • Route Advertisement
  • IP Settings
  • System Management
  • Device Reports
  • Wi-Fi Reports
  • Usage Reports
  • SIM Card Reports
  • Event Logs
  • Tags

InControl 2 is Peplink's Cloud-based network management system, which enables zero touch configuration, provisioning, GPS fleet management, and troubleshooting from a single screen

Monitor your entire network from a single screen

Remotely access, monitor, and configure your devices with InControl2, Peplink’s cloud-based endpoint management system. Generate reports and push configurations for more to effectively manage your network

Key Features

  • Captive Portal Reports

Captive Portal

  • Group-Wide SSID Settings
  • Group-Wide Remote Settings

Wi-Fi AP


Centralized Bulk Configuration

Device Schedule Management

Api Integration




Configure Anything, Anywhere

InTouch is an easy way to reach any device that you need to view, configure, or troubleshoot remotely


InTouch eliminates the need for Engineers, VPNs, Servers, or extrasoftware typically needed to manageyour devices


No Setup Required

InTouch never requires Public IPs, inbound access through firewalls, or any other security compromises to get your job done


No Security Compromises

Access connected devices, like sensors and cameras, with out of band management at 5G speeds

Peplink's MSP Connectivity Solution

Peplink's Routers offer the latest in cellular LTE and 5G via SIM or eSIM capabilities and a secod optional Ethernet WAN

Future-proof Connectivity

Ruggedized and Reliable

Built in a rugged & reliable metal case with fanless, ventless design certified for shock and vibration resistance for deployment virtually anywhere

Designed for Remote Operation

Save time and reduce field visits with central management via Peplink InControl2 and local device management via Peplink InTouch


Have an existing network?

Add a Peplink Router as a 5G or 4G adapter with zero hassle. Need something more? Peplink Routers can also act as a gateway / router for multiple WANs




Vehicle Networking

The MAX BR1 Pro 5G features 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, and GPS fleet management, housed in a sleek and rugged shell

Use SpeedFusion Traffic Steering to give priority to selected traffic such as SaaS applications to never experience downtime

To build a more reliable network while on the move, SpeedFusion Connect LTE offers access to on-demand data and multiple networks under a single plan

The MAX BR1 Mini combines value and resiliency with SpeedFusion’s Hot Failover to ensure online connectivity and Wi-Fi for retail stores’ PoS systems. Securely housed in a sleek and ruggedized enclosure makes this device conveniently deployable

Retail PoS System

The Balance 20X futureproofs office connectivity with its versatile FlexModule Mini slot that accepts all kinds of WAN technology. Paired together with a FusionHub, WAN Smoothing fills connectivity gaps to ensure minimal latency and packet loss. This means never missing a frame or sentence in conference calls or VoIP applications


Starlink & Peplink


Care Plan Comparison

Balance 20X

Futureproof Gigabit Dual WAN Router for SOHO, Small Businessesand Branches


Expandable SD-WAN branch router for small businesses, branches and retail locations

  • Expandable Modules
  • Optional Second Cellular Radio
  • Enterprise-Grade Security and Management

Max Transit Duo Pro

Redefining Pro


Elevate the way you manage SIMs with eSIM support and sophisticated hardware like the SIM Injector. Manage SIMs more efficiently from anywhere, at any time

BR1 Mini

Durable. Unbeatable Price Performance


BR1 Pro

Here LTE gets Sonic

BR1 Mini 5G

Affordable, Long-lasting 5G for Mass Deployments



SpeedFusion Ready

BR1 Pro 5G

The Classic Goes Sonic


Connect multiple devices simultaneously, and experience faster throughput speeds and better bandwidth congestion with the latest Wi-Fi 6, all with less interference

Wi-Fi just got better

Enable the endless possibilities of SpeedFusion technology just by simply connecting to SpeedFusion Cloud from wherever you are

4G connectivity might work fine today, but the switch to 5G is inevitable

Futureproof your network with the latest 5G technology, and keep your network running for many years to come

BR2 Pro

Designed for Pros, by Pros


Wi-Fi 6 and PoE input

Dual 5G/LTE


With so many WAN options, the BR2 Pro can seamlessly failover to guarantee your flow of data, even during the most critical circumstances. The Gigabit routing speed and serial port for OOBM allow versatility for any SD-WAN deployment

The BR2 Pro is not just designed to be tough. Its dual 5G connections, Wi-Fi 6 and PoE input ensure an unbreakable connection in any scenario

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