Obtain security through encrypted connections with a private static IP to a cloud managed virtual private network (VPN), delivered as a service for secure cellular connectivity

CxC CloudConnexa™

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Our smart and integrated connectors let you route traffic with a static VPN IP to on-premise or in the cloud. Easy set up, no wait for provisioning!

Connect any cloud provider to your ecosystem, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle and more


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  • When we subscribe and manage you on CloudConnexa™, a worldwide virtual network is created that is dedicated for your use
  • Use OpenVPN enabled CxC Cellular Routers or CxC Edge security gateway to securely connect your infrastructure
  • Don’t pay high fees to wireless cellular operators for Static public IP, instead use OpenVPN Static VPN IP
Use Case Examples

For private networks

Extend your company’s private network between your various office locations


Connect your remote workforce to your corporate network securely


Provide direct peer-to-peer connectivity for data-sharing, collaboration applications


Peer-to-peer Internet of Things device control, or VoIP


IoT, VoIP devices to Servers hosted in private network


For IoT

Provide secure access to partners and employees to your services hosted in IaaS providers


Network together your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and office locations


For Cloud resources

Providing network security at scale

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CloudConnexa™ and the OpenVPN protocol are firewall-friendly and don't require any changes to your internet equipment. You can create a separate private network for your IoT devices, or each group of IoT devices, with a router that connects to your network for internet access with a CxC Wireless Static VPN IP

A managed service that provides secure networking, over the Internet, between private networks and remote users in the form of a “Private Network in the Cloud"

Worldwide secure access, with constant protection against cyber threats and quick full-mesh connectivity to on-premise or IaaS Cloud private networks is now available without the capital and operational hours required to manage, scale and host VPN server

A Managed Cloud Solution for secure VPN connectivity

Full-mesh connectivity


Granular Access Controls

  • Segmentation by source IP
  • Services using domain names
  • TCP, UDP, ICMP with port numbers

Static VPN IP address stays with the device

Built-in IDS/IPS

DNS based content filtering with Allow Deny List


  • Offline or online connection profile distribution
  • Assigned IP address to User devices and Connectors does not change or depend on connection point
  • Supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 identity federation for Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Authentication available through your private LDAP server

End User

  • Fully managed and hosted service
  • Point and click centralized management and configuration


  • Improve network performance with smart routing
  • Increase redundancy with multiple network connections
  • IP-layer networking allows access to all IP-based services
  • Flexible routing of Internet traffic
  • Access private services by connecting to any of the worldwide regions
  • Customers can use their private DNS servers
  • Domain names can be used to route even if there are multiple networks with overlapping IP address ranges
  • Similar to per-app VPN policies traffic can be steered into the VPN tunnel on a per-domain basis


  • Full RFC 1918 IPv4 private address range and IPv6 RFC 4193
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support.Virtual worldwide private secure networking IPv4 and IPv6 space for each Tenant/Customer
  • There is no limited list of protocol or service support

IPv4 and IPv6

  • Enhanced security as only outgoing connections to CloudConnexa™ are made
  • Firewalls don't need to be opened to allow incoming traffic from the internet
  • DNS-based content filtering


  • Support for Site-to-Site and Remote Access
  • Full-mesh connectivity without complex configuration
  • Unique local address range available for Customer use
  • Support for peer-to-peer communication


CloudConnexa™ features

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