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The ParkSmart solution with Conure and Libelium is a complete solution to accurately detect large scale indoor and/or outdoor parking spots, a smart approach to managing urban mobility

Features and Benefits of ParkSmart solution



  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Optimized Parking
  • Brand Image Enhancement
  • Increased Safety
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion
  • Minimize OpEx
  • Real-time occupancy information
  • Centralized data management
  • Data analytics platform
  • Fault management software
  • Third party data input APIs
  • Mobile App
  • On-demand pricing strategies
  • Efficient resource management
  • Flexible policy management
  • Implement loyalty programs
  • Integrate into enterprise system
  • Manage VIP Program
  • Optimization of parking spaces in urban and private areas
  • Management of special parking spots: zones for emergency vehicles, loading or cab areas, parking spaces for people with disabilities, electric vehicle recharging points
  • Parking revenues by up to 35%
  • Reputation of being a greener city/facility
  • Urban mobility and city planning
  • Dynamic pricing strategies based on occupancy


  • Traffic volume: -8%
  • Gas emissions: -40%
  • Km. travelled: -30%
  • Time spent: -43%
  • Parking violations
  • Noise pollution
  • Fuel consumption
  • Drivers’ anxiety or fatigue


With the help of highly innovative in-ground radar sensors, ParkSmart can monitor the parking spaces and show the occupancy status in real-time. The sensor also sends the information to the Conure cloud platform, enabling users to view real-time parking information on various devices

Key Features of ParkSmart


Real-time Parking Availability

ParkSmart facilitates drivers with cashless payment options. They can pay for their parking spots through mobile apps and other payment gateways, namely ParkMobile and Flowbird, which have been integrated into the ParkSmart application

Contactless Payment


You can find the nearest available parking spot in no time with ParkSmart's navigation and guidance feature. ParkSmart integrates with popular navigation apps and GPS services, making locating parking options and navigating to your destination even easier

Navigation and Guidance


This highly advanced solution has the potential to generate real-time parking reports for parking operators. For instance, it can create a real-time session, ticket, and parking occupancy reports. With the help of these reports, operators can make data-driven decisions and evaluate parking utilization

Conure ParkSmart has centralized cloud-based data management, analytics, and control options. This smart parking guidance solution can operate 24/7, have high accuracy, and efficiently monitor the parking spaces without human error

Centralized Data Management

Real-time Monitoring Reports


Along with the web application, ParkSmart has a mobile application for the end users. By downloading the ParkSmartSPB application, users can directly view the available parking spot around a specific location. Users can also view the weather updates near their desired destination by using ParkSmart mobile application

Mobile Application


Use Cases


This smart parking solution will increase the efficiency of local governments and will tremendously aid the development of smart cities

Residential Buildings

ParkSmart benefits both corporate and residential buildings by providing employees, visitors, and residents with a convenient and efficient parking experience

Event Venues

ParkSmart benefits organizers, attendees, and staff by ensuring seamless parking spot discovery and contactless payment, reducing traffic congestion


Inefficient parking spots and congestion are common problems at hospitals and medical institutions. Conure ParkSmart can provide a solution and satisfy the parking needs of shift workers, employees, and visitors


For many passengers, airports are frustrating places, and finding a parking spot adds to the tension. Conure ParkSmart Solution can assist airports in reducing traffic at airport parking lots, as well as the irritation and anxiety that drivers experience when looking for parking areas when they arrive for a flight


Students get late to class searching for a vacant parking spot. Conure ParkSmart offers a smart parking solution where sensors are installed throughout the Parking lot to track occupancy and availability of parking spots. Data on parking availability might help you to find if your school has adequate parking or requires more

Along with the web application, our solution has a mobile application for the end users

By downloading the app, users can directly view the available parking spot around a specific location. Users can also view the weather updates near their desired destination by using the mobile application

Smart Parking


Radar Sensor

Libelium Smart Parking Sensor Technology is a radar sensor that allows the detection of parking availability indoors or outdoors

  • Best accuracy in the market
  • Improved detection with radar and magnetic technology combination
  • Better performance and stability
  • IP68 and IK10 protection and fully certified (CE, UKCA and FCC)
  • Two ways of installation: on surface or semi-buried
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Over-the-air set up
  • LoRaWAN communication protocol

Main Features


Management of HVAC and Central Plants


200 x 200 x 37.25 mm

IP Grade

IK Grade

Operating temperature





-20ºC to +65 ºC

Polyamide, polypropylene and glass fiber

0.813 kg (including installation accessories) 0.540 kg (just the Smart Parking node)

Mechanical specifications

General specifications


Configurable sleep time

Detection accuracy

Ready to install (factory LoRaWAN OTAA IDs and key are loaded to each node)

Min: 10 seconds Max: 10 minutes


Operating temperature

-20ºC to +65 ºC

Via Libelium Cloud

Remote parameter configuration

Wireless communications



Expected lifetime of 4-10 years


Internal battery

Built-in lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries

Power Specification

Have your own parking platform and you only need the Libelium Sensor?

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ParkSmart Components

  • Smart Parking Sensors
  • IoT Wireless Communication System
  • Conure SmartCloud
  • Parking Management & Analytics
  • Parking Guidance Display
  • Standardized API
  • Mobile App


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