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CxC Wifi

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  • Overall Cost Reduction on deployment and management
  • On-Demand Scalable Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Remote Security Updates
  • Web based Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting
  • Centralized Configuration Backup
  • Advance Rule Engine with Machine Learning
  • Deployment and Issue Diagnostics

Zero-Touch Deployment

Fast and simple deployment with no requirement for onsite tech support

Machine Learning

Make the network work for you instead with millions of actionable insights to continually adapt and adjust performance


Combine the Wi-Fi hardware with cloud management to simplify every aspect of IT operations

Wireless Presence Alatytics

In network management, our access points capture meaningful performance and security insights about associated clients

Why Cloud Managed?


Adaptive security. Automated peace of mind.

Proactively protect, inspect, and adapt your network with the self-configuring, self-maintaining Meraki platform.Secure every wireless connection with automatic policy enforcement, identity-based access control, and built-in DNS protectionDefend users from threats with cloud-based multi-site management and automated network firmware updates


FortiAP 831F

FortiAP 231G

FortiAP™ access points are managed centrally by the integrated WLAN controller of any FortiGate® security appliance or through the FortiLAN Cloud provisioning and management portal; these APs are perfect for campus and branch deployments. Fortinet’s Security Fabric enables you to easily manage wired and wireless security from a Single-pane-of-glass management console

WiNG AP 8533

AP 5010

Wi-Fi 6E leverages 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6 capabilities such as high-density, high-capacity, and high-efficiency performance, and extends these capabilities to the 6 GHz band. The vast expansion of frequency enables new use cases and offers improved user experiences, particularly in mission-critical and dense environments

Centralized Orchestration & Reporting

Multiple monitor dashboards offer a view of key statistics for all managed switches, ports, APs, radios, clients, and neighboring networks in your environment. Click to drill down on a particular item to see details on specific devices in a category. There is no need to change screens or hunt through the UI to find information. Firmware updates for equipment can be scheduled, and update profiles for targeted devices created

An intuitive, graphical interface enables global control over devices and displays digestible metrics about clients, applications, access points, and client behavior

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Centralized Orchestration & Reporting

  • Mitigate performance issues quickly with data-driven insights into network and application performance across your wired and wireless network
  • Monitor user experience by correlating network and application performance with user and device activities
  • Track user adoption and usage of applications to make the right business decisions
  • Easily customizable, impact analysis dashboard providing insightful, integrated analysis

Extreme Application Analytics is a network-powered application analytics and optimization solution that captures and analyzes context-based application traffic to deliver meaningful intelligence - about applications, users, locations, and devices. Network into a Strategic Business Asset - by enabling the mining of network-based business events enabling business leaders to make faster and more effective decisions. It does this from a centralized command and control center that combines Network Management with Business Analytics, at unprecedented scale and scope

Deliver a Superior User Experience

One of our principal partners around the world provides the widest range of services for on-site installations, including site surveys, equipment configurations, depending on customer requirements and apply knowledge of multiple technologies

Installations over all Regions

Physical Site


Pivital is a global provider of onsite IT services. We provide our clients 24x7x365 deployment and break/fix capabilities to ensure their technology is available when they need it. With coverage in 150+ countries, Pivital can manage your challenging global locations. Our technology based approach to quality ensures that technicians are well prepared prior to their arrival onsite, and upon job completion, we provide our clients high-quality deliverables from the results onsite

Wireless Design



CxC Monitoring & Management

CxC Monitoring and Management helps you secure your overall network by providing actionable log and threat data. The NOC helps you protect your network, applications, databases, servers and data centers, and other technologies, with centralized monitoring and awareness of the threats, events and network activity, using the predefined dashboards and widgets, or customize your own, delivered through a single-pane-of-glass interface

The client is the CxC M&M that forwards logs to another device. The server is the log server that receives the logs or CEF server that receives the logs. In addition to forwarding logs to another unit or server, the client retains a local copy of the logs

You can forward logs from the CxC Monitoring & Management to anotherlog server, with out problem

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