Digitally Transform your business with Convergia Professional Services Partners

Zeit consulting services in Microsoft Modern Workplace through the Microsoft 365 suite of universal collaboration tools and Microsoft Azure

Connect businesses and people with custom VOIP, Softswitch and telephony communication solutions

IoT rapid application development with a Web based IDE. Build elegant IoT applications with javascript simplicity and the agility of visual development

Ulula provides custom e-commerce design, deployment and management services based on Magento Marketplace

We are technology consulting company, and offer digital transformation services to companies, Cloud services, custom software, Industry 4.0, AI

Convergia Professional Service Partners

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Modern workplace and business solutions

In the Infrastructure & Cloud Services line, we take care of being the technological support (at the IT infrastructure level) of the digital transformation process of our clients. We work together with the different lines of G&S to deliver an integral solution, which entails the development/implementation, Cloud Hosting, and the Administration/Continuous Support of Cloud Solutions. Our staff of consultants has the necessary specializations and experiences required to become your best digital partner in this type of activity

We provide consultancy in Azure Cloud strategies.

We implement Azure cloud services.

We implement messaging and collaboration services with Office 365.

How can we help with Azure Cloud?

What On-Premise services do we offer?

Migration, implementation, server virtualization

We manage IT assets

What Cross services do we offer?

We carry out consultancies in Information Security

We manage and support IT infrastructure

We manage IT assets, perform backup and recovery of information

We put at your disposal the best personnel in the Outsourcing modality

Get security from the ground up, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups

Trust your cloud

Operate hybrid seamlessly

On-premises, across multiple clouds, and at the edge-we´ll meet you where you are. Integrate and manage your environments with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud

Build on your terms

You have choices. With a commitment to open source, and support for all languages and frameworks, build how you want, and deploy where you want to

Be future - ready

Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports your development today, and your product visions for tomorrow

We transform the way you make decisions in your business by giving a significant boost and greater precision through Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions

Analytics & AI

Azure Cloud, Modern Work, and Dynamics

We help companies on their journey to change the way they work, through solutions that transform their vision of collaboration and productivity

A Modern Workplace

  • Anywhere, Any time, Any device: Work from anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Subscription Plans: Par per user, flexible plans
  • Collaboration: Work on documents at same time contributions are automatically saved with version history
  • Data Sharing: Securely share your workand data
  • Automatic Updates: Securely share your work and data. Always be working with the latest of the Applications
  • Security: Control Access to your data

Microsoft 365

Our service line called MODERN WORKPLACE is focused on helping our clients with innovative and agile solutions to empower their employees and their partners in Digital Transformation

Connect to hundreds of data sources with a library of connectors and Dataverse to bring all your data together into a single data source of truthful insights from which you can draw insights and enable you to customize and extend the capabilities of Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Office 365 Azure

Gain a competitive advantage by linking all your data


ZEIT PERÚ can help you in the implementation of the following solutions:

Collaboration portals - SharePoint Online

Intranet Design and Implementation - SharePoint Online

Nonconformity Management System

Document management system

Supplier Contract Management System

App Development for Microsoft Teams

App development with Microsoft Power Apps

Development and automation of processses with Microosft Power Automate

Development of solutions under a Low Code approach

Basic, intermediate and advanced training on Power Platform

Harness the power of the leading-edge VoIP development technologies by using expertise and experience in building telephony products and solutions of a leading VoIP development company!

VoIP Development Services

VoIP has been one of the most reliable platforms to carry out professional and personal communication and that also at cheaper rates. This encourages many businesses, VoIP open source development companies, and individuals to bridge communication gaps without making holes in their pockets using a reliable and robust VoIP based communication solution. We help our customers in the process of building the most scalable, secure, and feature rich VoIP solutions and hail the success of your ventures

Choosing the Right Technology to Build the Best VoIP Solution

Build and effective tool to monitor ongoing, ringing and conference calls in real time to engance the effectiveness of calls

Build a softphone for PC or smartphone to take advantage of the SIP based calling solution avalible at their fingerprints

Live Call Monitoring Solution

SIP Dialer Solution

Build a comprehensive communication tool that supports unified communication within a single platform

Unified Communication Solution

Build a bespoke and robust class 4/5 Sofswitch solution to complete IP telephony infrastructure and serve a larger consumer base

Buildyour own inbound, outbound or blended contact center solution to boost customer care and sales results

Enrich business communication with superior features at cheaper rates and centralize its administration

Class 4/5 Softswitch Solution

Call Center Software

IP PBX Solution

FreeSWITCH is regarded as the most stable and robust VoIP platform that is perfect to build VoIP solutions that handle video calls or high volume traffic more effectively at a lower cost. We can help you with our FreeSWITCH development services to build highly scalable and robust FreeSWITCH driven communication and collaboration platforms


Asterisk being a pioneer VoIP development platform has several applications in the internet telephony industry. It can be used to build a whole gamut of VoIP solutions. We help our clients with our acquaintance of this VoIP development platform with Asterisk consultancy to development and multiple other service


OpenSIPs is a multipurpose VoIP solution development platform that can help as a SIP proxy, SIP server, redirect server, and multiple other important applications. We know OpenSIPS technology upside down and we can help you build a steadfast and robust tool with custom features that can help VoIP service providers to build and thrive in business


Kamailio is renowned for handling thousands of concurrent calls per second, but to leverage the benefit of this characteristic of Kamailio, keen knowledge of this VoIP development technology is a must. We can help you with our proficiency in Kamailio development to build SIP server based applications or any other telephony software that needs to handle a high volume of calls


Real time communication is a must in the fiercely competitive business world. WebRTC helps businesses with the most established and secure technology to build peer to peer communication tools. We aid our clients to build WebRTC based communication solutions like a web phone, WebRTC client solution, etc. with our expert WebRTC development services


Build elegant IoT applications with javascript simplicity and the agility of visual development

Agile IoT Application Platform

Create IoT service orchestrations and interactive web and mobile applications as easily

Cloud based IDE

Social Integration

Visual Development

Source Control

Great User Experience

Increased Agility

More Hack Time

Don't spend time installing and configuring development and testing tools,™ software platform's cloud based IDE is your single entry point to creating and deploying your IoT application

Create new APIS, expand and transform your existing ones or build web and mobile apps


Create APIS and apps

Convert between protocols, apply filtering, transformation & custom business rules and connect to enterprise systems



Don't spend time managing and monitoring infrastructure, spend time on what matters, your IoT project


Hit the ground running

Web based development tools and the back-end functionality that you need to create the next killer IoT application: Orchestration & business logic, Device management, User management, Database, etc


Go to Market instantly

The e-Commerce Expertswe will build and manage your Market Place

Design, Implement and Deploy Custom Market Partner Marketplace

Cost effective, Near shore development of multi-language e-commerce Market Place

Host, Monitor and Manage as a Service Help desk with Level 1 and Level 2 support

Passive guards Saturdays, Sundays and holidaysSite 99% online by SLA

Restoration of backups in minutes

On-site and/or remote consulting

Integrations with payment and shipping providers

CxC Colo Cloud
CxC CloudConnexa™
CxC Webex
CxC Cloud
CxC Teams
CxC Smart Building
CxC Smart Lighting
CxC Flex Multicloud
CxC Flex Megaport Cloud Router
CxC Flex Megaport Virtual Edge
CxC Smart Asset
CxC Smart Agriculture
CxC Smart Environment

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