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The world is going to Stop Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). POTS copper is too expensive and hard to maintain, move your POTS fax requirement to CxC Cloud Fax or CxC 3CX Fax over IP

In the USA, the FCC mandate: Stop POTS land lines by end of 2022!

Invoiced from your selected country in the preferred currency with local support in your own language

CxC Cloud Fax with

Send fax online without a fax machine

The simplified fax service for your modern business

Why send a Fax online?

Some people are still used to faxing

Some people are just more comfortable with older technology. This is usually the case for organizations with decision makers belonging to a different generation or those who work in geographically remote areas that do not have the luxury of access to modern tech. It wouldn’t hurt to accommodate these users by sending an online fax in order to communicate more effectively

It’s also commonplace to come across customers who still use fax, so businesses have to comply with their preferred means in order to satisfy them

Faxing provides a paper trail

Fax remains popular because it can offer a solid paper trail. It’s easy to prove that a fax was sent from one person to another because there are transaction reports and fax logs that can be generated anytime. Even with online fax, there are ways in which providers can deliver the data in the event that these need to be scrutinized

Government standards point to the idea that faxing is much more secure than email. For example, businesses in the healthcare industry would abide by government regulations by just opting to use fax instead of undergoing the costly and taxing process of ensuring that their email encryption is HIPAA compliant

The government still encourages faxing

Why sign up for


Flexible faxing

Send and receive faxes from computers, smartphones and tablets with ease

Security first

Rest easy knowing cloud fax securely transmits over an encrypted internet connection

Advanced functionality

Send faxes onlineto groups, block faxes without caller ID, and receive notifications of all activity

Online account and fax logs

View faxes that you have received and sent and see detailed electronic fax logs via your online account

Diverse choice of numbers

Keep existing fax numbers or choose toll-free or local numbers

No work interruptions

Don't worry about being on the phone, you'll still seamlessly receive your online fax messages

What are the advantages of Internet Faxing over Traditional Faxing?

  • You need to pay hundreds of dollars on fax hardware, plus additional costs for paper, ink, toner, replacement of parts, and maintenance
  • You need to be next to your fax machine to send or receive fax
  • If you receive a lot of faxes every day, it is hard to leaf through printed fax sheets to find the document you need
  • You run the risk of disclosing confidential information because everyone knows where the office fax machine
  • In traditional faxing, your messages are often sent through non-secure public telephone lines

Traditional fax

Online Fax

  • Low monthly fees for your fax service
  • Convenient faxing using your computer
  • Allows you to stay organized and only print out the faxes you need—even eliminates the need to print out faxes completely (paperless)
  • Sensitive information is kept private and secure because you can discreetly receive it on your inbox
  • Most online fax services have built-in encryption, so your data is protected during and after transmission

Step 1

Step 3

Step 2

Select your 800 or local number

Download the app or login online

Start sending & receiving faxes from any device!

How does it work?

Send and receive fax using your computer, your tablet, or your smartphone. All you need is an active internet connection

Flexible, multi-device faxing

Get exciting functionalities as sending faxes to multiple recipients, attaching files from your cloud storage service, designing custom cover sheets, and more

Advanced faxing options

RingCentral employs the strongest encryption methods and follows the strictest security policies to comply with industry standards in cloud platform technology

Secure and reliable service

Online account and logs

Sign in to your online account and get access to detailed fax logs. View every fax sent and received on your dashboard for extensive tracking and greater control

Start faxing right away upon signup with the instant activation of your account. RingCentral simplifies faxing in ways you never thought possible

Easy to set up and manage

No hardware required

Throw out your old fax machine and forget about spending another dime on toner or paper. Trim costs on a shoestring budget with modern faxing

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Compatible Apps and plugins

CxC Cloud Fax with

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Drive productivity by seamlessly integrating your cloud communications and collaboration solution into Microsoft Dynamics 365

Google Chrome

Streamline workflows to drive productivity with your Google account to create a powerful business communications hub

Microsoft 365

Transform Microsoft 365 into an enterprise-grade communication hub

Microsoft Outlook

Seamlessly blend phone and video capabilities into Outlook

Workato Automation

Seamlessly automate workflows from your calls and SMS, or the sending of calls, fax and SMS from 1000+ other apps - with no coding!

ActiveFax Server

Fax Server Software for Windows and Unix Flow Flow makes it easy to integrate with hundreds of business apps through powerful workflow automation

Genesis Emergency Notification

Real-Time 9-1-1 & Emergency Notifications - Including Lock-down and custom alerting

Bridge Operator Console

Bridge Operator Console is an attendant console solution, increasing productivity for call handling

NowCerts AMS

Insurance Agency Management System - cloud based, intelligent, affordable


Bariatric specific patient tracking and medical record software

Conduit Office

Integrate your cloud communications directly into Conduit Office to boost productivity and automate processes across your organization


Seamlessly integrate cloud communications into your Firefox browser to create a powerful business communications hub

RC Phone

Use this cloud phone to call, fax, text, conference, and hold online meetings from anywhere and on any device

FileMaker Connect

FileMaker Connector (RC2FM) seamlessly integrates your account with any FileMaker Pro, Go, and WebDirect custom app

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