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CxC Voice offers the best PanAmerican service, VOIP phones, wireline SIP, and VOIP PSTN connectivity with your choice of 3CX, Cisco Webex Calling, Microsoft Teams and CxC SIP Trunking

Convergia continues to add value by integrating key services such as Cloud IP-PBX, Web Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Call center, CRM, and ERP, over one global high-quality platform

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PanAmerican Coverage


By having local and regional presence, Convergia can provide personalized services throughout, Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil

No matter the time or place, clients and their employees can access meetings as well as make and receive calls and messages from anywhere in the world

Constant Connectivity

Make and receive calls from your customers or coworkers from any device, anywhere, anytime

Mobility & Remote Work

The client can easily deploy a phone extension with an application, physical desk phone, or web browser

Our solution is more affordable hosted in the cloud than on premise. Convergia covers the maintenance, administration, power, support and warranty, all while keeping clients updated

Seamless Deployment

Cost Efficient

Simple, affordable and flexible, CxC 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems, or the limitations of a shared cloud PBX

CxC Webex Calling is a complete enterprise phone system in the cloud, with all the benefits of a traditional office PBX phone system and team collaboration solution in a single package

We have all the collaborative platforms your customers need

CxC Teams bring full voice capability into Microsoft Teams. Any company using Microsoft Teams as their unified communications tool can choose Convergia as their favored provider for voice

CxC SIP Trunking helps you save money when making local and long distance calls, plus it has a robust, stable and redundant network. It can be integrated with various HPBX applications and platforms

CxC SoftSwitch is a core software-based communications management solution that provides call control intelligence to establish, monitor, maintain, secure, route, terminate, dial and account for SIP Channel sessions on the Voice over IP (VoIP) network

Convergia offers IP Phones and conferencing solutions for 3CX, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Calling


3CX supports Fax over IP (FoIP) for Fax Receive services with low cost, Customer Premise Analog Telephone Adapter and 3CX SBC Fax Appliance

The world is going to Stop Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). POTS copper is too expensive and hard to maintain, move your POTS fax requirement to CxC Cloud Fax with Ring Central

Immediate One to Many communication to anyone with a cell phone, anywhere in the world. Alerts, notifications and SMS campaigns to any device from a simple and efficient interface with our SMS Business solution

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