3CX is a Unified Communications as a Service PBX phone system that is hosted, managed and monitored in Convergia’s cloud environment

3CX also supports Fax over IP (FoIP) for Fax Receive services with low cost, Customer Premise Analog Telephone Adapter and 3CX SBC Fax Appliance

CxC 3CX Fax over IP

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Legacy fax use cases


Medical records, authorizations or release forms from clinic, doctor, hospital


Applying for permits, license, services. Sending concerns and opinions to political representatives

Real estate

Financial applications, background, credit reports, surveys, Lease, contract


Background, discovery, suites, waiver, affidavit, assignments, orders, contract, consent, agreements

CxC Cloud Monitoring & Management (M&M)


ATA/FXS gateways connect internal analog devices such as fax machines and analog phones and register them as extensions / fax extensions to your PBX; Those extensions can be addressed as normal phones, however, their functionality is limited due to the capabilities of the analog technology

The 3CX Fax Service Appliance (FSA) that installs in your local network to allow easy connection of T.38 Fax Machines to the CxC 3CX instance in the Convergia Cloud. The 3CX FSA combines all SIP (signaling) and RTP (media) Fax over IP Packets from one location and delivers them to the cloud CxC 3CX, thereby overcoming common firewall and networking issues that affect reliability

CxC 3CX Phone System includes a FAX service to receive FAX as PDF files and send FAX PDF by email. It also supports FAX extension provisioning and integration with 3CX UCaaS

CxC Monitoring and Management Service Convergia can Monitor and Manage your CxC Products 365/24/7

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