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CxC Full-Service Monitoring and Management

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Anything on the network PAN/LAN/WAN

Anything with Voice Unified Communication

Anything that solves a Market Requirement

CxC Wireless

  • CxC SIM IoT
  • CxC Router- DIGI
  • CxC Router Teltonika
  • CxC CloudConnexa™
  • CxC Full-Service Monitoring and Management
  • CxC Edge Netgate
  • CxC Flex Multicloud
  • CxC Flex Megaport Cloud Router
  • CxC Flex Megaport Virtual Edge
  • CxC SD-WAN Cisco
  • CxC SD-WAN Fortinet
  • CxC Wifi

CxC Wireline

CxC Voice

  • CxC 3CX
  • CxC 3CX Fax over IP
  • CxC Cloud Fax with Ring Central
  • CxC IP Phones
  • CxC SIP Trunking
  • CxC SoftSwitch
  • CxC SMS
  • CxC Teams
  • CxC Webex
  • CxC Cloud
  • CxC Hybrid Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud Backup
  • CxC Microsoft 365 Backup
  • CxC Professional Service Partners

CxC Cloud Solutions

CxC IoT Solutions

  • CxC App Factory
  • CxC App Factory - DataCake
  • CxC Smart Agriculture
  • CxC Smart Building
  • CxC Market Partner Market Place
  • CxC Smart Environment
  • CxC Smart Water

Panamerican Presence

United States









El Salvador






Costa Rica

CxC Full-Service Connectivity Monitoring and Management for your requirements

Any Technology | Any Speed | Any location

  • Celullar 4G, 5G, IoT Business
  • Fiber, Cable, DSL, T1, PRI
  • DSx, OCx, SONET, Ethernet, and EoC
  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
  • Network to Network Interface (NNI)
  • Point to Point
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) routing
  • Software Define Wide Area Networking (SDWAN)

Value added distributor of Connectivity from the best global Connectivity providers

We negotiate and escalate with the Connectivity providers, so you don’t have to

The Pan-American, Value Added Distributor of Wireline and Wireless Connectivity Solutions

CxC Wireline Offers

For IoT Connect Products:

SMALL Data Plans

  • Asset Tracking
  • Remote Sensors
  • Building Management

CxC Wireless Offers

  • CxC SIM IoT (Internet of Things)
  • CxC SIM BWB (Business Wireless Broadband)
  • CxC Router with CxC SIM
  • Security Camera
  • Industrial Routers
  • Computer Vision

For Connected Products:

BIG Data Plans

  • Primary and backup
  • Dedicated Internet Circuit
  • Cellular Routers

For Business Wireless Broadband:

BIG and FAST Data Plans

Connectivity made SIMPLE

CxC Full-Service Monitoring and Management

What we do for you, so you don’t have to

  • Activate, Suspend, Terminate Connectivity

Troubleshoot your connectivity with the operator

Usage alarms based on your requirements

  • Monitor Usage

Create rules to control the location of SIM

  • Geofencing

Create rules to control SIM with specific devices

  • Locking SIM

Create rules to have an action for specific situations

  • Action

24/7/365 support by people for people

  • Dedicated Support

For new products and plans in any market

  • Create quotes

Create rules to control the location of SIM

  • Invoice (By SIM)


  • Order SIM card, order devices, order IOT



Onsite IT services

Connectivity as a Service

The Pan-American, Value Added Distributor of Wireless and Wireline Connectivity Solutions

Convergia Full Service Monitoring and Management (CxC M&M) is a nation-wide, fully managed service that provides wireless connectivity for temporary, permanent and back-up basis. We combine best fit for purpose carrier-class connecitvity and cellular router to include everything you need to keep your business securely connected - routers, antennas, installation, network access, device and connectivity management and 24/7/365 technical support - for one monthly price

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Connectivity plans built for your requirements

  • Low Power, low data usage plans (NB-IoT, CATM1, LoRaWAN)
  • Custom data plans from 1MB to 100’s of GB per month (4G, 5G)
  • High Speed plans up to 100Mbps (4G, 5G)
  • Fixed Wireless Internet

Any Data | Any Speed | Any Location

Value Added Distributor of Connectivity plans from multiple global connectivity providers

  • Wireless Mobile Network Operators (MNO)
  • Wireless Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
  • Wireless Mobile Network Wholesalers
  • Wireless fixed point to point
  • Wireless fixed to internet
  • Wireline; Fiber, Cable, MPLS

Convergia offers “Shock-Free” Data plans! You will receive Alerts as you approach your monthly data limit

(at 50% usage and again at 80% and 100% usage)

We negotiate and escalate issues with the Connectivity providers, so you don’t have to

Support Highlights

Service Assurance and Support:

Service Delivery / Implementation:


A dedicated support team comprising Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 operations ensures best-in-class Customer experience

Located in three geographies: Montreal, Miami, and Lima, for disaster management readiness

Proficient in three languages: English, French, and Spanish

24x7x365 Support for all levels

A dedicated Project management team manages on-time service implementation

  • Coordination with end user / customer
  • Coordination with Convergia Network Operations and third parties

One of our principal partners around the world provides the widest range of services for on-site installations, including site surveys, equipment configurations, depending on customer requirements and apply knowledge of multiple technologies

Installations over all Regions

Physical Site


Pivital is a global provider of onsite IT services. We provide our clients 24x7x365 deployment and break/fix capabilities to ensure their technology is available when they need it. With coverage in 150+ countries, Pivital can manage your challenging global locations. Our technology based approach to quality ensures that technicians are well prepared prior to their arrival onsite, and upon job completion, we provide our clients high-quality deliverables from the results onsite

Wireless Design



  • Ticket creation
  • Verification of the event, and proceed with the solution. If required, the ticket is escalated to Level 2/3 Support

Level 1 & 2 Support

Level 3 Support

Onsite Support

24x7 NOC receives the alarm:

24X7 NOC



  • Receives ticket and analyzes the event
  • Solves event
  • If it is not possible to solve it remotely, then requests onsite support

Support Engineer:

Support Engineer

  • Coordinates with Level 2 Support
  • Physically verifies the problem
  • Solves event in coordination with Level 2 / Level 3 Support

Onsite Support:

  • Alarms for Logical or physical problems on the network
  • We work with: Zabbix and Ansible

Monitoring tools





24x7x365 NOC Support – Monitoring, Ticket Remediation and Onsite support

Global Coverage - Access to multiple operators in your countries, with the best price, and the best coverage

You take care of your customers, Convergia will take care of you


Secure and Private Network - Protect your connected products with our access point name (APN) or virtual private network (VPN)


Convergia does the month-to-month invoicing and collections for our Channel Partners/Agents


24/7/365 Support by people for people, talk to a person that speaks your language


Convergia provides SIM management, enablement, suspension, and termination


Flexible and Transparent Contracts - Full disclosure, with a financial team available to work out any solution to your project needs


Convergia has a long-established commercial & technical escalation with all the connectivity providers



Convergia does the time-consuming connectivity conformance management with providers

About Convergia

Convergia is the

PanAmerican Value-Added Distributor of Connectivity Solutions


PanAmerican 365/24/7 support by people for people

Convergia is the convergence of connectivity for people, machines and business

PanAmerican company with Global connectivity offering

20+ Years experience as a Connectivity Distributor

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