CxC SD-WAN Fortinet offers a comprehensive and secure networking solution that optimizes wide area network (WAN) performance while maintaining robust cybersecurity features

Application Resiliency

Accelerated Convergence

Efficient Operations

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet

CxC Cisco SD-WAN

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CxC SD-WAN Fortinet provides cybersecurity protected SDWAN, with an integrated platform for network security, firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, application control, and more.

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet integrates security features with next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus, ensuring that network traffic is protected from threats while traversing the WAN

Secure Connectivity

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet dynamically selects the best path for traffic based on real-time latency and packet loss conditions, leading to improved reliability and reduced downtime

Dynamic Path Selection

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with cloud environments, enabling efficient and secure connectivity to cloud services and applications

Cloud Readiness

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet offers a centralized management interface that allows administrators to configure policies, monitor network performance, and analytics, simplifying network management and troubleshooting

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet intelligently routes traffic based on application requirements, traffic prioritization to enhance performance and user experience

Centralized Management and Analytics

Application Performance Optimization

Key Features

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet supports zero-touch deployment for easy provisioning and configuration of new branch locations, saving time and resources during setup

Zero-Touch Deployment

Efficient Operations with Centralized Management

Web Security

Optimized to monitor and protect data and applications against web-based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance

Optimized to monitor and protect against file-based attack tactics, while assisting you with meeting compliance

Content Security

Optimized to monitor and protect against device and vulnerability – based attack tactics while assisting you with meeting compliance

Device Security

From our threat researchers to yours. Continuously evaluate and advances your security posture and set your team for success

Advanced Tool

Integrated Market Leading Security Capabilities

CxC SD-WAN Fortinet Leading Use-cases

Multi-Branch Networking

Cloud Application Performance

Data Center Connectivity

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

e-Commerce and Retail branches

Global Enterprises

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FortiManager & FortiAnalyzer

  • Enterprise solution hosted in the cloud
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Multiple regions and networks available
  • Full administration and visibility of your network devices through streamlined provisioning and innovative automation tools
  • Separate customer data and manage domains leveraging ADOMs to be compliant and operationally effective
  • Centrally manage network and security policies for thousands of FortiGate NGFWs and Secure SD-WAN plus FortiSwitches, FortiAP, and FortiExtender. Provide signature updates to FortiGate, FortiMail, FortiSandbox, and FortiClient
  • Security teams can monitor and manage alerts and event logs from Fortinet devices, with events processed and correlated in a format that analysts can easily understand
  • Investigate suspicious traffic patterns and search using filters in predefined or custom event handlers to generate real-time notifications and monitoring for NOC and SOC operations, SD-WAN, SSL VPN, wireless, Shadow IT, IPS, network recon, FortiClient, and more
  • Security Fabric Analytics with event correlation and real-time detection across all logs, with Indicators of Compromise (IOC) service and detection of advanced threats

End-To-End Visibility

Reduce MTTI

Open Platform approach

Together with Fortinet, Convergia's CxC SD-WAN Fortinet with AI-driven security operations and secure remote work provides the most comprehensive solutions to help industries accelerate security, maximize productivity, preserve user experience, and lower total cost of ownership

K-12 School Districts

Higher Education

Federal Government

State and Local Government



Financial Services



Power and Utilities

Media and Entertainment


SCADA Control Systems

Oil and Gas



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