CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is a cloud integration that provides telephony connectivity to your Microsoft Teams tenant, enabling full telephony service. Manage all your users and phone numbers directly inside of the Microsoft Teams Admin Center

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CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams will provide each user with a phone number and enable the PSTN (telephone network). Users can go to the Microsoft Teams softphone to make and receive calls

How does it work?

Protect your business with enhanced security features from encryption and securityprotocols to physical and operational security

Built in Security

Enable telephone calls from any device, including IP phones, Microsoft Teams Rooms, PCs, Mac, and mobile devices

Device Flexibility

Use the Office 365 admin portal to manage your phone systems, support call management features such as hold, forward transfer and voicemail, as well as acquire & assign numbers, and manage users

Centralized Administration

Easy set up, go to your

and choose Convergia as your PSTN telephony carrier

How to configure and




Convergia manages the PSTN calling services and Session Border Controllers (SBCs), allowing you to save on hardware purchase and management

Agile working

Allows for flexible and remote working and enables a collaborative approach

Never miss a call

Built-in business continuity with network and number level resilience to keep your business working

Trusted provider

Operational and voice network excellence from one of the leading SIP trunking providers in Pan-America

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Benefits

Faster, easier deployment

Quickly connect to your operator and assign phone numbers to users – all from the Teams admin center

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Make and receive calls with a Teams compatible desk phone or using the Microsoft Teams software on desktop, laptop, or mobile phone

This provides full telephone functionality such as making and receiving calls, voicemail, transferring calls and other features. This functionality is available for all users with Microsoft voice licenses in the company

Highly reliable and resilient architecture with Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams from Convergia SIP Trunking, with simple provisioning, enhanced call control features and carrier-grade infrastructure. All are provided at a competitive price as a complete cloud solution

Enable full voice capability natively in Microsoft Teams without requiring on-premises hardware


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