This integration in conjunction with the Microsoft phone system in the cloud, gives all the benefits of a traditional office PBX phone system and team collaboration solution in a single package offered through a subscription model with centralized administration, security, and reliability you can trust

Now with CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams you can get your own phone number for collaboration in real time from wherever users are using Microsoft teams

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is a Full service Managed and Monitored Unified Communications as a Service offering Optional phones and conference equipment available to purchased or financed at low monthly rate

How does it work?

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is an integration that provides connectivity to your Microsoft Teams tenant, enabling full telephony service

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CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams will provide each user with a phone number and enable all PSTN call control tasks, such as placing and receiving calls, transferring calls, and muting and unmuting calls

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams’ users can click a name in their address book and place a call to that person

How does it work?

Auto Attendant

Create a menu system that enables external and internal callers to locate and place or transfer calls to company users or departments in your organization

Call Queues

Configure how call queues are managed for your organization: for example, set up greetings and music on hold, search for the next available call agent to handle the call, and so on

Call Answer/Initiate

Let's users answer inbound calls with a touch, and place outbound calls either by dialing the full phone number or by clicking a name in the client. Can be done by name and number

Group Call Pickup and Forward to Group

Let's users share incoming calls with colleagues so that the colleagues can answer calls that occur while the user is unavailable

Transfer a Call

Let's users transfers calls to another person. Or, if they need to leave their office but want to continue the conversation, they can transfer the calls from their PC or IP phone to their cell phone

Call Park and Retrieve

Users place a call on hold. When a call is parked, the service generates a unique code for call retrieval. The user who parked the call or someone else can then use that code and a supported app or device to retrieve the call

Cloud Voicemail

Users can listen to their messages on their certified desktop phone, and on all Teams or Skype for Business applications

Main features

Protect your business with enhanced security features from encryption and securityprotocols to physical and operational security

Built in Security

Enable telephone calls from any device, including IP phones, Microsoft Teams Rooms, PCs, Mac, and mobile devices

Device Flexibility

Use the Office 365 admin portal to manage your phone systems, support call management features such as hold, forward transfer and voicemail, as well as acquire & assign numbers, and manage users

Centralized Administration

Chat and collaboration

Teams phone

Meetings and Webinars

Collaborative apps

Security, privacy, compliance, and management

Teams rooms and devices

  • Together mode
  • Dynamic view
  • PowerPoint Live
  • Built-in webinar tools
  • Immersive webinar experiences
  • One-touch join
  • Intelligent speakers
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Room remote
  • Integrated Teams buttons
  • Call Transcription
  • Call Quality Dashboard
  • Voice enabled channels
  • Call Merge
  • Endpoint Transfer
  • Information protection
  • Teams Multi-Geo support
  • Granular controls via policies
  • Device management
  • App lifecycle and management
  • Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Teams Channels
  • Teams Connect
  • Meeting Experiences
  • Chat Experiences
  • Integrated Experiences

Additional Features

Feel closer to your team

Create a more engaging meeting experience with together mode. Focus on faces, pick up on nonverbal cues, and easily see who’s talking

Meetings and webinars

Join a meeting with a single touch

Get started on time with one-touch join on many online meetings devices and start sharing content easily with attendees everywhere

Teams rooms and devices

Teams phone: Call merge

Teams phone: Endpoint transfer

Join the calls

Whether you're on a group call and want to add another person, or have an incoming call, you can merge calls to talk to everyone at once

Transfer calls between devices seamlessly

Transfer calls, such as from laptop to mobile, without interruption in service or call quality with hotspot transfer

Click to play video
Click to play video

Teams phone: Call quality dashboard

Teams phone: Call transcription

Read what was said

Make your meetings more inclusive with live transcription, which allows users to follow and review conversations along with meeting audio in real time

Manage call and meeting quality

Get a global view of call quality across your organization with the call quality dashboard

Click to play video
Click to play video

Run more engaging meetings

Enhance team engagement, facilitate richer collaboration, and drive results during Teams meeting with apps

Collaborative Apps

Connect instantly

Instant message, make a video call, or screen share. Customize your messages with rich text editing, tag people, and use favorite apps in chats

Chats and collaboration

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Significant cost saving per user when compared to others Microsoft calling plans

Agile working

Allows for flexible and remote working and enables a collaborative approach

Never miss a call

Built-in business continuity with network and number level resilience to keep your business working

Trusted provider

Operational and voice network excellence from one of the leading SIP trunking providers in Pan-America

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Benefits

CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams with DIRECT ROUTING

Make and receive calls with a Teams compatible desk phone or using the Microsoft Teams software on desktop, laptop, or mobile phone

This provides full telephony functionality such as making and receiving calls, voicemail, transferring calls and other features. This functionality is available for all users with Microsoft voice licenses in the company

Connections from Microsoft Teams to Convergia's network occur via an IP connection and is delivered as an end-to-end service with high availability

PSTN Provider

Telephony Trunk

Session Border Controller

3rd Party PBX/SBC

Analog Telephony Adapters

Phone # Ranges



3rd Party Voice Apps


Phone System

(Cloud PBX)

Convergia has built a solid Direct Routing architecture to enable full voice capability natively into Microsoft Teams; CxC Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

Convergia’s Direct Routing capability provides connectivity to your Microsoft Teams tenant, enabling full PSTN breakout on the public telephone network

Many businesses utilizing Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can nowbenefit from the ability to make and receive calls, by enabling Teams as a fullcloud-based Unified Communication solution, with enterprise-gradetelephony and Pan-American coverage

How does it work?

Any company using Microsoft Teams as their unified communications tool can choose to implement Convergia as their preferred provider for voice and benefit from cost savings, increased functionality, and support for migration

Teams user

What is required to enable Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license including Teams

Microsoft Phone System add-on

An internet


Highly reliable and resilient architecture with Direct Routing from Convergia SIP Trunking, with simple provisioning, enhanced call control features and carrier-grade infrastructure. All are provided at a competitive price as a complete cloud solution

Utilizes Microsoft certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to deliver better value, greater flexibility, increased functionality, and support for migration, all as a cloud-based service

Provides connectivity to your Microsoft Teams tenant, enabling full PSTN breakout on the public telephone network

Enables full voice capability natively into Microsoft Teams without the need for

on-premises hardware


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