Home Office 2021: What will be the Main Challenges?


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After several months of quarantine, the Home Office or also called “Telework” has become a reality for most companies around the world.

Today, the vast majority of employees use different collaborative platforms to hold meetings, conduct training, report and track the progress of tasks with their colleagues and bosses, thus increasing the use of unified communications.

However, even though the Home Office has been shown to increase productivity, other factors can affect remote employees.

In this article we want to name some of the main challenges when implementing the home office and how we can overcome them.

1. Distractions at home

Television, pets, children, and household chores can easily distract the remote worker, leading to a decrease in productivity and motivation.


How to avoid it?

Noise-cancelling headphones are a good choice! Also, if possible, consider setting up a special room for work.

2. Lack of organization

At home there are no bosses, so the teleworker is his own supervisor, and completing the various tasks can be difficult if there is no proper organization.


How to avoid it?

It is all about self-discipline, effort and having a decisive action plan to accomplish set goals. You can also consider the use of collaborative tools for the Home Office that allow you to set deadlines for tasks and integrate virtual agendas for better organization.

3. Technical problems

On the other hand, technical problems that appear in the home office such as internet connection failures, lack of equipment, and desk or light failures can prevent employees from performing as they would in the office. 


How to avoid it?  

To avoid these inconveniences, teleworkers need fundamental tools necessary for their work. For example, a corporate cell phone with a data packagecan help with internet connectivity issues.

4. The lack of communication in the Home Office

During teleworking, ensuring clear communication among employees is imperative.

The absence of this can become a problem for any corporation; it diminishes the productivity levels and efficiency of the office.


How to avoid it?

It is essential to have collaborative tools that facilitate contact between all members throughout the organization so that all objectives are accomplished seamlessly and on time.

Convergia Cloud Voice Webex Calling is a collaborative tool that facilitates communication and collaboration through a private, secure and confidential system, both via instant messaging and video calls, generating that “face to face” communication that is sometimes very necessary.

Now that you know how to face these challenges of the Home Office, we are sure that it will be easier to develop your daily tasks or lead your workgroup virtually. 

Are you interested in implementing a collaborative tool that solves these problems easily?

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