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Today we are experiencing radical changes in our daily routines due to the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing many people around the world to work remotely. Not forgetting the added pressure on IT and Security teams working to support an increasing number of workers and mobile devices.


In this situation, many people are choosing to benefit from collaborative platforms or tools that offer video conferencing, audio conferencing, secure file sharing, chats and instant messaging. In addition, for remote customer services, platforms such as CCV Webex Contact Center is the ideal solution to maintain a high quality of service with clients.

What is Convergia Cloud Voice Webex Contact Center?

CCV Webex Contact Center is an Omni-channel communication platform that provides interactions through the call channel, email, and chats from a UC unified communications environment in the cloud, allowing for the improvement of operational efficiency and cost reduction. This tool can improve customer experience and optimize performance with its dynamic and predictive analysis. Through this platform which stores data and records in the cloud, clients can work anywhere in the world and at any time. In this way, CCV Webex Contact Center is the perfect tool for those who work remotely or from home.

What are the functionalities that CCV Webex Contact Center offers when you purchase it?

  • Direct the right call to the right agent
  • Video and Audio conferences
  • Cloud data analytics that help you learn more about your customers
  • Share files and documents securely from anywhere in the world
  • Call assistant: transcripts and note taking
  • CRM integrations
  • Optimization of personnel

Also, our CCV Webex Contact Center solution will provide your company with countless benefits such as:

  1. Collaborative teams: Agents are more productive when they have the tools, resources, and customer stories they need.
  2. Omnichannel Management: All interactions such as voice, email, and chat are unified, thereby providing a perfect experience for clients.
  3. Cloud Contact Center: The Cloud Contact Center gives you improved agility, flexibility, scalability, security, capital efficiency, innovation, and customer success

We can assure clients that CCV Webex Contact Center solution is a complete and easy-to-use collaborative tool for remote work. It will also provide to clients the innovation, flexibility, and agility of the cloud with the global security and scalability that identifies Convergia.