CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Problems with your internet connection? How does your Router work?


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Routers, as with other network devices, are always in a constant process of refinement. This is necessary to satisfy the growing needs of the market, seeing as the Home Office is increasingly essential for business continuity.


When there is a bad connection to the network, it’s attributed to the service provider, but rarely importance is placed on the router that transmits the internet connection. This is especially relevant in companies and even homes that involve a greater number of connections, which results in more demand for these devices.


To resolve these problems, at Convergia, we have developed the CxC Router that protects your connectivity 24/7/365, resulting in a stable, dedicated connection.

Convergia’s CxC Router. What is it?

The router is a device that can be used to share the internet connectivity through cable, ADSL or WiFi with other computers. It also provides firewall protection, controls the quality of service and various other tasks, mainly in the field of security.

Convergia CxC Router gives your business a highly reliable wireless failover solution. Failovers allow you to switch to a much more stable and secure connection, activated when the primary link fails. Without a secure connection, there is a loss of productivity and a rapid increase in unexpected and unnecessary costs.

Why use Convergia CxC Router for your wireless internet backup?

– No hardware purchases, low monthly fee: We provide internet connectivity through our multi-operator SIM card. We negotiate with the operator so that you do not have to, and we offer billing in your local currency.

– Integration of Services managed by API

– Dual Sim – Multi-secure Network: Our Smart CxC SIM will select the best quality and most secure network with the ability to switch to another network for better connection quality.

– 4G LTE Multi-Operator SIM with high data capacity: It works on the best cellular operators around the world. Connect your products on any 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT and LTE-M networks.

– Remote Cloud Management: A direct administration platform for management control

Secure custom coverage: We have coverage anywhere anytime you need it.

Rest assured, knowing that Convergia’s CxC Router solution powered by CxC SIM will significantly improve your local wireless and backup network, resulting in a stable and dedicated highly secure connection.


Do you want to integrate the CxC Router solution into your business? We can help you increase productivity by improving internet connectivity and security within your organization.

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