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The future of networking with SD-WAN


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Every company searches for innovative solutions and services to increase their competitiveness in the market, one of them is SD-WAN technology, a network that allows us to improve our performance at lower cost.


According to Gartner, within a period of two years, a greater number of users will use a SD-WAN network; However, there is still uncertainty about how an SDN can improve a company’s networking, that is, how the organization can facilitate processes due to a software-defined network.


In this article, we will focus on explaining some of the most outstanding approaches to this technology and its future derivatives. With its application, we can optimize the resources of a company, being this the key to improve and strengthen the same network for the benefit of networking.

Highter flexibility

Thanks to the implementation of WAN technology, defined by software, it will be possible to store a greater amount of data. Therefore, we will have more users connected thanks to the adapted bandwidth and a simpler demand for less money. 


This will also allow more solid and unified communications, benefiting networking, since videoconferences with better image and sound quality can be made, providing solutions with voice and text messages.

5G and LTE Gigabit

A WAN network allows us to monitor and manage traffic from a physical device to the application, allowing the optimization of resources and improvement in communications. In the future, the implementation of SD-WAN solutions will increase in 30% of the companies, with an estimated investment of 1.24 billion dollars. Tracing as objectives in the short and medium term the development of two key technologies: 5G and Cloud.

The growth of technological networks will be higher, it is expected that by 2020 5G networks have more use than 4G networks currently have.

In conclusion, SD-WAN solutions are an option with great potential to save costs and optimize resources that improve the administration of companies, since it allows a higher quality experience that is attractive for its level of customization.


At Convergia, we look for the most efficient solution to optimize your telecommunications. 

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