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Business Internet: What features should an Enterprise Router have?


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Today, thanks to business and home routers, we can schedule video conferences, attend online seminars, buy items in virtual markets, play online games, etc. This device is usually working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and with a generally considerable workload. Thus, when there is a bad connection, the company usually attributes the problem to the provider of the service. However, sometimes the quality of the router is overlooked. It is very important to know the main characteristics that a good business router must have in order to provide an optimal service to your company. In the following article we want to share with you the most important things to consider:

1. Business Router vs. Home Router

Generally, small businesses use home routers that provide internet to all their computers within a small office space. However, we must bear in mind that these routers only offer basic functionalities and little protection against cyber attacks, so they are not recommended for business use. An enterprise router, on the other hand, allows you to provide internet to more than a dozen computers and other devices. In addition, it provides greater security and speed for your work and daily activities.

2. VPN and Firewall servers for Secure and Remote Connectivity

Another important feature to consider is VPN servers. But what are VPN servers? This is a network technology used to connect one or more computers to a private network in a reliable way, via the Internet. In this way, a router with a VPN server supports remote connections so that users working from home can securely access the business network. Likewise, to improve the security and protection of your company, the router must have an enterprise-grade firewall, since it establishes effective measures for blocking information. This computer device also prevents virus infections or external attacks from computers to hack into a network and steal all your information.

3. Routers with SIM slots; an important point!

Sometimes, your connection may fail for several hours, resulting in “dead hours” with little to no productivity. Hence, it is essential to have a backup network (SIM CARD), which solves these problems, providing you with high speed and very secure internet instantly. These are some of the features that a good business router should have. Did you know that Convergia’s CxC Router has all of these features and many more? WRITE TO US for more information.
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