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Streamlining Supplier Quotations: Sadbhav Engineering’s Custom Solution


Sadbhav Engineering Limited (SEL), a renowned infrastructure company in India, faced challenges in efficiently managing supplier quotations for their projects. This blog explores the solution implemented by SEL to overcome these challenges and improve their procurement workflow.


Engineering Limited (SEL) faced several challenges in their supplier quotation process, hindering efficiency and effectiveness. The existing system lacked essential features, making it difficult to obtain digital entries of quotations from suppliers. The absence of automated quotation comparison added to the complexity, as the manual process was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, the excessive manual work required substantial human resources and increased the risk of data discrepancies.


Moreover, Sadbhav Engineering wanted to ensure a seamless transition to a new solution without disrupting their existing SAP ERP system, which played a critical role in managing various aspects of their business operations. They needed a solution that could integrate with their SAP system and complement its functionalities.


These challenges were not only impacting the efficiency of the supplier quotation process but also had implications for overall project timelines, resource allocation, and cost management. It became evident that a comprehensive solution was necessary to streamline and optimize their procurement workflow.


A custom solution was developed to address SEL’s unique requirements. Key components of the solution included:

  • Digital Quotation Management: Enabling suppliers to submit digital entries tailored to each project, eliminating paper-based processes and promoting efficiency.


  • Flexible Order Allocation: Empowering SEL to choose between full or partial orders from one or more suppliers based on received entries, optimizing procurement decisions.


  • User Management and Task Delegation: Creating user profiles for staff members and defining roles and responsibilities, facilitating streamlined collaboration and task management.


  • Seamless Integration with SAP ERP: Synchronizing data between the existing SAP system and the newly developed solution, ensuring a cohesive workflow and preserving established processes.


The custom solution revolutionized SEL’s supplier quotation process, digitizing data collection, automating comparisons, and reducing manual effort. By leveraging the existing SAP ERP system, SEL maintained operational continuity and leveraged enhanced functionalities. The implementation resulted in improved efficiency, accurate pricing analysis, and increased productivity.