CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

8COM’s Journey to an Advanced IP PBX Solution to revolutionize their communication


Based in Ontario, Canada, 8COM has been serving customers with a range of services and hardware solutions. However, their existing IP PBX solution lacked essential features, flexibility, and proper support, leading to various challenges.


8COM faced limitations in communication features, lacked integration capabilities with third-party APIs, struggled with development support for new features, lacked backup and recovery provisions, and had no automated billing and invoicing system.


To address these challenges, 8COM sought a comprehensive solution that offered advanced communication features, integrated billing automation, and support for third-party APIs. They turned to a custom IP PBX solution that provided:


  • Advanced Communication Features: The new solution offered a wide range of communication features surpassing their previous system’s limitations.
  • Integration of Proprietary CRM Solution: The IP PBX system seamlessly integrated with 8COM’s proprietary CRM solution, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Automated Billing Solution: A robust billing system was integrated to automate billing processes, streamlining operations.
  • High Availability Model: The implementation of a high availability model ensured reliable backup systems and seamless failover and recovery capabilities.


With the new IP PBX solution, 8COM achieved enhanced communication capabilities, streamlined billing processes, improved integration with third-party applications, and a reliable backup system. These advancements empowered the company to meet growing business requirements and provide exceptional services to its customers.