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Tiendas MASS is part of the InRetail group (They are present in all regions of Peru, and also has a presence in Bolivia and Ecuador) and part of the Intercorp group, one of the TOP 10 business groups in the Peruvian market.
MASS (has more than 600 stores) manages a store concept with low-cost mass consumption products, with a nationwide presence and a wide variety of products for consumers. They currently operate and maintain leadership in three business segments:


MASS Stores has the need to improve the existing connectivity for greater bandwidth, greater availability, greater security and fair prices to provide connectivity to all its stores nationwide, using wired links as primary connectivity and mobile links (LTE / 4G) as contingency, integrating both services in SD-WAN technology.


To solve the need for MASS stores, the CxC Router Teltonika and CxC Secure SD-WAN services were integrated, where the CxC Router Teltonika will have LTE connectivity and the fixed internet link (HFC or GPON) will be connected to the SD-WAN equipment ( FortiGate).


Each MASS store will have interconnection with the 2 main facilities defined by the client, which will be active-passive.


Below is the proposed topology for the implementation of CxC Router Teltonika + CxC Secure SD-WAN.


Today Tiendas MASS already has the feasibility of being able to interconnect all its stores nationwide with redundant connection and optimizing the investment made. 


With the help of CxC Router Teltonika and CxC Secure SD-WAN services, the provisioned links are joined in a single redundant private connection with the main sites, providing secure operational continuity and increasing the SLAs of the provisioned services.