CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Mass Media KSPS PBS


KPS TV installed FatPipe and Convergia MPVPN to provide secure and easy management access to corporate data.

KSPS TV, a member of the Public Broadcasting service, is responsible for providing public television programming services to the Washington State market, USA. It is for this reason that they were in search of a secure solution that allowed both employees and the public access to the corporate network, since donations are made through that means. It should be noted that public televisions depend heavily on public funding, so that access to the network that is simple, easy and reliable was sought.

KPSPS TV needed a network with an availability of more than 99% and that allowed access to live programming information, community services and the ability to donate quickly and easily.

Thus, FatPipe together with Convergia took the challenge and provided two devices that worked with MPVPN and SmartDNS, resulting in access to data and the website more efficiently and with a failover system in less than one second, therefore, network availability is currently over 99.99%.

This MPVPN solution provides secure and redundant Internet connectivity, both for incoming and outgoing traffic.