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Delta Solar is Arkansas’ Leader for Commercial and Agricultural Solar Installation. Founded in 2017, the Delta Solar Team collectively brings over 17 years of solar experience to what is still relatively new technology when compared to some more established industries. They design and build world-class solar energy systems that enable homes, farms, businesses, and communities to thrive. They handle all aspects of commercial and agricultural solar installations from initial utility bill analysis all the way through long-term maintenance.


Solar Fields has a string inverter which collects the information from various sensors that is then sent via wireless communication to the control center. Delta Solar was struggling with coverage and secure connectivity for their solar fields as they were using single carrier sims. With customer locations throughout the United States, they needed a solution that would provide them with multi-carrier sim connectivity and allow them to monitor and manage the sims in all of their devices.


Convergia implemented the CxC SIM IoT solution, providing Delta Solar with low bandwidth LTE SIM cards and CxC Full-Service Monitoring and Management platform. With this combined solution, Delta Solar now only needs to deal with one provider, one platform and one bill thanks to Convergia’s multi-carrier aggregated solution. The platform gives Delta Solar the visibility they need to monitor the status of their devices and receive data in real time. Delta Solar now has a simple yet seamless wireless connectivity solution so they can continue providing clients with their industry leading solar panel systems