CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

CxC SIM Unlimited Business Data


With Convergia’s CxC SIM-Unlimited Business Data, our client was able to receive high-speed internet for their office in a short time frame.

As a result of the pandemic, most offices have downsized or working remotely. Our client needed a solution that offered high-speed unlimited data sufficient for a small group of workers in one of their smaller offices.

Also, seeing as the products sold by the client is in high demand due to pandemic, it was imperative that this solution be installed in as little time as possible. By implementing CxC SIM- Unlimited Business Data with speeds ranging from 8 to 100 Mbps, Convergia was able to match the needs of the client while providing two main benefits:

– Cost reduction- seeing as they did not have to pay
a higher cost for fiber.

– Immediate internet access- fast implementation
of the service.

Thanks to Convergia’s solution, our client is able to better facilitate their customers through a highly reliable fast speed unlimited data solution.