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An entity of the Mexican government requested the implementation of Convergia’s SD-WAN solution in its main office and 32 foreign offices.

The client was very interested in ensuring the continuity and security of their services and as such, Convergia’s CxC SD-WAN was the best solution. Implementation of Convergia’s solution resulted in:

– Improved network availability
– Quick and secure establishment of the VPN, with a
lower TCO than traditional MPLS.
– Continuity of service through backup links on main
– Coverage throughout their 32 offices with a single
service provider and backup.
– Improved application latency.
– 24/7 managed service that guarantees the required
changes in an agile and efficient way.
– Integration of VoIP in the same connectivity service
with Convergia Cloud Voice Hosted PBX.
– Improvement in their email application.

Why did they choose Convergia?

– Adaptation to the client’s implementation 


– Preventive maintenance methodology.

– Manufacturer Issue Escalation Methodology.

– Less complexity for the configuration and 

management of the platform.

– Shorter implementation time, service delivery to its 

34 sites in less than 10 weeks.

– Cost Reduction (TCO) vs traditional MPLS.

– Simpler maintenance.

– Help desk as an added value with certified engineers.