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Often, there is constant confusion that exists with regard to terms such as Call Center, Contact Center, E-contact, among others. This being the reason why many people are still unaware the true meaning of each one.


If you are from people who used to have a generic of each of these terms idea and that, conversely, is known the difference between the two, in this article we will explain what characteristics make them different.

What is a Call center?

A Call center is a Department or office to handle incoming and outgoing calls of the different audiences of a company, being a configuration that is more oriented to large organizations.


Through this service, companies have the facility to provide diverse information to its clients so used to answer queries, provide product support or offer through the telemarketing or market research, various promotions force of the organization.

Characteristics of a Call center

Due to the Call center is a service provided by a support and remote management, among its features we can find:


  • It provides a service via telephone.
  • Handles a large number of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • They are an integrated telephone system.
  • They use a software to check the status of the line of customers.

What is a contact center?

On the other hand, we have the contact center, which differs from the first as a unified communications service. And it is that the contact center has the ability to encompass the various communication channels, offering in this way, using a more complete service from telephone calls to the management of social networks.

Characteristics of a contact center

Contact center service is characterized by being highly profitable, its use is the ideal way to impress customers who need more than a support by phone, one more close and according to their possibilities of connection. Being so characteristics of a contact center, we have:

  • Receive incoming calls from potential customers.
  • It offers voice mail services.
  • Send Emails, texting (sms) and comments on social networks.
  • It has the ability to record conversations automatically.

What communication channels managed a contact center?

For a more complete communication through each of the media platforms, the contact center handles the different channels.

  • Phone: what would be a Call Center assistance.
  • SMS: Communication via text messages
  • Whatsapp chat: Instant Messaging via application.
  • Email: Emailing.
  • Social networks: Communication platform by each public management.