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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

What is Microsoft Teams and how it can benefit your Company?


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Microsoft Teams is a shared work platform that has been established as the central communication and collaboration tool for Office 365 organizations. Since its launch in 2017, Teams has been gradually integrating more and more functions into its digital environment, making it an essential tool for any organization that seeks to make communication between its employees more effective.


The implementation of Teams brings multiple benefits for your company, here we detail what they are:

Productive communication

Microsoft Teams increases productivity among its employees and speeds up tasks, thanks to the fact that it facilitates instant communication between the different teams. Integrating to your organization the functions of messaging, online meetings, calls, and conferences of Teams. In addition, you can optimize communication and make all your business processes more effective.

Collaborative work

Teams users can generate open, intuitive and efficient workspaces, which promote effective collaboration to achieve the objectives of the organization. The Teams platform is designed for the integration of groups of all types, facilitating decision making, joint file management, brainstorming, task planning and achievement of common goals.


Teams, allow you to adapt each workspace to the needs of each team or project, configuring the functions of the platform that best accommodate users. It is possible to add other Microsoft applications that are frequently used as well as third-party services, expanding and improving the work environment. In the same way, users are able to activate notifications and set alerts for specific occasions and tasks.


Thanks to Office 365 technology, all conversations as well as files and documents sent through the platform will remain completely secure. With Teams, both group and private conversations can be kept in the Cloud, thus facilitating access to the message history at any time.

As we see, Microsoft Teams puts at your disposal a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform that will greatly optimize teamwork. Implementing it within your organization is key to achieve better results and significantly increase the productivity of your employees.

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