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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

What are the cloud servers and why do they suit your company?


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What is a Cloud server?

cloud server, is a powerful hardware-network or virtual network that aims to store different types of information. These servers are created thanks to the use of virtualization softwares that are used for the development or testing of new applications.

Companies often use this model of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to process labor data and store information. They also have the possibility of using an online interface to access, from time to time, the domains of the virtual server.

Cloud servers vs. Physical servers: 4 benefits

Any company, whether it offers digital products or not, currently needs a server on which it can enter and manage its information. In this sense, doubts arise regarding knowing what type of server is the most convenient, whether the one in the cloud or the physical ones. Next, we explain the benefits offered by both options.

Cloud server

To decide in the most optimal way what service a company needs, it is necessary to have items to evaluate. With these, it will be possible to make a comparison to highlight the positive features offered by acquiring this service. That is why, next, we will list some benefits to consider when choosing a cloud server.



– Immediate function:
Because they are previously configured and optimized, as soon as the subscription is started, it can be accessed without problems.


– It can be accessed at any time.
This point is, maybe, the most different from the Cloud server from the physical, because the first one allows you to enter it in order to work from any place and time.


– They offer flexible scalability plans for companies.
Due to the need that companies have to grow in both billing and size, they must have solutions that adapt to these moments. This is ideal, as it avoids unnecessary major investments.


– You have the option of automatic saving.
To avoid failures, the cloud guarantees the availability

Physical servers

If we talk about a physical server or hardware, it is important to know that, being a physical machinery integrated to a computer network within your company, we must take certain special features that will be the responsibility of the owner. Here are some of them:


– Requires a physical space
Being a machine, you have the need to find a physical space to be able to function.


– Limited availability and accessibility
It can only be accessed from the same server and its versions installed on other previously chosen devices.


– Limited scalability
Local servers have a rigid handling of growth. This is due to the limited capacity they have to predict how the company could invest to grow.


Difficult management in case of problems
It is also not easy to handle if a problem appears (unless you have knowledge of the subject), which means having to invest in time and money to solve problems.


In conclusion, cloud servers outweigh the benefits of a local server, as their guarantee and savings denote greater security and flexibility than what physical hardware offers. In addition, they keep the software updated with the latest protocol and security versions, without the need to invest in additional services.


Undoubtedly, cloud servers are the best options for local businesses that require more information storage.

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