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Since its launch almost 3 years ago, Microsoft Teams has established itself as one of the best solutions to facilitate the collaboration and organization of work teams in companies. Today, the Teams platform is available in 181 markets and more than 500 thousand organizations have implemented it, which is reflected in its 13 million daily active users and its great advantages for organizational communication.

How can you apply Microsoft Teams in your company?

Whether it’s a small company or a multinational, it is advisable to implement Teams in phases so that all employees can adapt properly to the platform and take full advantage of all its functions. The operational excellence of Microsoft Teams will significantly improve communication and collaboration among your work teams, energizing your organization and accelerating the modernization of your communications.

What are the benefits of voice solutions in your company?

Microsoft Teams voice solutions give your company a series of competitive benefits and advantages that will optimize collaborative work within your organization. Here we tell you some of them:
  • The telephone system in the cloud.
  • Immediate connectivity.
  • Chat optimization and communication with members inside and outside your organization.
  • Productive communication.
  • Collaboration between teams from different areas.
  • Integrated security that protects your business with enhanced features such as encryption and maximum security protocols.

Modern communication with Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams provides solutions in the Cloud that enable call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365, thus replacing all the hardware that involves local and traditional telephony. In this way, you can expand the cloud productivity experience of all the employees of your company, enabling effective communication from any device and with the best voice and video quality. 


Microsoft Teams offers you a collaborative work center for your different teams that will optimize and modernize your communications with agile and secure conversations in the Cloud. By implementing it within your organization, you can take advantage of all its functions and connect your company with the unification of your communication services in Office 365.