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Microsoft Azure and the benefits that it brings to your company

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What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure it’s an collection of services in the cloud, that appears as a response to the business systems in the private clouds, allowing to create, develop, implement and manage applications through a data centers global network.


Being a public cloud with data centers around the world, anyone with an Internet connection can use it. But only those with the necessary credentials will be able to access to the Azure portal, where a series of services are generated, developed and used.

How does it work?

Azure uses ‘virtualization’ when creating a virtual computing environment that typically hosts operating systems, hardware versions and different devices. Thus, organizations can have multiple virtual machines and services that interact independently while sharing resources.


Virtualization is divided into four main categories:

– Desktop virtualization
– Net
– Software
– Storage

This technology expands on a large scale in Microsoft data centers around the world, improving scalability and workloads. At the same time, it greatly facilitates the implementation of services, by simply selecting the region of the datacenters and choosing the type of service and its characteristics.

Which are the benefits of Azure?

– Numerous infrastructures and platforms available: Azure offers a wide variety of Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS), such as storage, networks, virtual machines, among others. Also, various Platforms as a Service (PaaS), such as CMS, ERPs, SQL, backend for mobile applications, among others. In addition, they are compatible with all types of technologies: iOS, Android, Linux, Oracle, and many more.

– Cost reduction: Azure adapts to the needs of your company, charging only the products you are using. In this way, it reduces the need to pay for inefficient resources, guaranteeing significant savings in consumption and maintenance of the service.

– Security: The data centers used by Azure apply the highest security standards today, ensuring their users full protection of their data, applications and infrastructure against possible threats.

– Reliability: The backups made by Azure ensure that your information is highly protected, preventing the loss of valuable information and facilitating disaster recovery with your backup or disaster recovery solution.

– Speed: With Azure, huge amounts of computing resources can be stored in minutes, allowing environments to be configured and codes published quickly. In this way, the speed of deployment, operation and scalability are optimized.

– Global coverage: By having data centers in more regions than any other cloud provider, Azure offers the global reach that is vital for many businesses and organizations today. This level of scope allows IT resources to be scaled, being able to be supplied from specific geographic locations if necessary.

– Productivity: With almost unlimited computing resources in the cloud, Azure efficiently takes care of the maintenance and technical support of data centers; allowing IT teams to dedicate their time to other objectives relevant to your company. Cloud providers are regularly updated with state-of-the-art hardware, which simplify the development and administration of applications.

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