CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

CxC Asset Tracker. How to track efficient assets?


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Asset Tracking or Asset Tracking is an efficient system that precisely manages and controls all information on assets by scanning barcode labels or other aspects such as GPS, BLE or RFID that transmit their location.


These systems are used by multiple industries to track assets in warehouses, dispatch products, offices, during transportation, among others.


Doing this entire asset tracking process manually is time consuming, inefficient, and human error can easily arise.


In search of the desired generation of operational efficiencies, companies are implementing technology capable of optimizing this process.


This is why, in the next article, we will talk about the CxC Asset Tracker solution that will allow you to track important details about each asset in real time, helping to reduce administrative costs, improving service and giving your company much greater visibility. in the use of resources.

What is Convergia CxC Asset Tracking?

CxC Asset Tracking is a system that transmits location and movement data, allowing real-time monitoring, whose information allows us to observe where the field work teams are located, to know where the vehicles moved through their facilities, know the real-time location of the goods, among other applications.

Convergia CxC Asset Tracking Benefits:

CxC Asset Tracking offers a wide range of benefits to its users, currently several industries are already enjoying its advantages:


Optimize your operations:

Satellite tracking helps you locate assets and monitor movements to make the most of your resources.


Protect the quality of your assets:
Use GPS position and temperature sensors to find out location, status, fuel consumption, and more.


Accurate information:
The level of information provided by our solution will help you make the most accurate decisions within your business much more effectively.


Cost savings:
Without monitoring your assets, you can inadvertently experience costly losses, something that can be avoided with Convergia tools.

In this way we ensure that with the CxC Asset Tracking solution you will be able to obtain accurate information on all your assets: hardware and software over time, obtaining better decisions within your business.
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