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Get to know the collaborative tool for every type of business! Microsoft Teams


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Before going deeper into the topic, we would like to start the following article by defining what the famous collaborative tool “Microsoft Teams” is and how it works.

What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a solution that allows all organizations to perform many collaborative tasks such as chatting, video calls, file sharing and much more remotely. Likewise, Office applications are integrated directly into the platform, so you can use and share files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook without leaving it.

A collaborative tool for everyone!

Microsoft Teams has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time and has quickly gained the trust of all the companies and businesses that have bet on it.

Initially, it was focused on the business sector. However, nowadays, it is offered as an alternative to connect with anyone inside or outside your organization.

Thus, educational centers and healthcare establishments have also opted for this collaborative tool, allowing them to streamline all their organizational processes and stay connected with their students/patients at all times.

Remote classroom! 💻

Its role in education was key for many schools to be able to continue with their classes during the months of confinement, fostering a greater sense of normalcy.

This collaborative tool allows scheduling meetings, internal chats with school staff, students, creating activities, etc.

In this way, a collaborative and learning space is created that reflects the digital transformation with a new educational experience.

Collaboration in healthcare centers 🏥

It is presented as the best option to streamline and simplify the various facets of medical-healthcare work, allowing fluid communication and cooperation with anyone, inside or outside the healthcare organization.

In addition, it allows scheduling audio or video meetings from any device (cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.) with other physicians, nurses or administrators.

Likewise, this tool creates a unique patient experience thanks to virtual consultations that allow patients to receive medical care through a video call from the comfort of their home, under the same quality standard and maintaining confidentiality protocols.

Main Features

Now that we know that this collaborative tool can be implemented in any type of business, we want to tell you about its main features:

– Video calls with HD audio and video

– Private chat, group chats and chat rooms to talk to all members of the organization

– The ‘Mention’ function, which calls the attention of other co-workers or the entire room

– Enterprise-level security

– Comprehensive chat finder

– Organizational tools to create task lists and assign them to others

– Unified communications

In this way, we can ensure that Microsoft Teams will help you collaborate with other members of your team, regardless of the business you are in. This collaborative tool will mark a great digital change in your organization.

Are you interested in acquiring it?

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