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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

CxC Webex calling: A Cloud communication system to boost your business


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Currently, in business, we are seeing the rise of cloud-based software, which has allowed us to optimize operations in various areas. 


Cloud communication has revolutionized communications by making things simpler, efficient, and easy to access. 


In this article, we will be looking into CxC Webex calling a communications tool your business can implement to capitalize on the benefits of cloud software. 

What is CxC Webex calling?

CxC Webex calling is a tool that has been made to replace the traditional enterprise phone system through cloud communication, whilst maintaining all the original benefits of a PBX system and more.


This service is simple and quick to set up, Convergia will send you an IP-phone directly to your location that you can just plug and play. Afterwards, you may access the service through an app on your PC, MAC, android and IOS device.


CxC Webex calling comes with several benefits such as lower costs, increased security, and mobility.


This solution has several features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, receptionist client, paging group, call queue, call pickup and more.


Additionally, the upkeep of this cloud communication system is handled by Convergia meaning you do not have to worry about any maintenance. 

How does this cloud communication system stand out from a PBX system?

Cloud Communications have several features that cannot be found in your standard PBX system.


Let us look at some of the ways in which CxC Webex calling differs: 


  • Boosts Collaboration: Once inside the application you have full access to your entire company’s directory which allows you to collaborate with any individual using the inbuilt tools allowing you to schedule meetings, share screen, white board and more. 


  • Pool your Calls: This allows you to move a call between devices seamlessly without the other person knowing. For example, you can start a call on your phone then switch to your computer/tablet. 


  • Receptionist: Through this feature, your receptionist can access a portal in which they have a wide selection of tools simplifying their work and boosting their productivity. 


  • Centralized Administration: This simplifies the work for your IT team, they can log in to the portal and view all your devices and have full access to the tools they require for any type of setup. 

Uses cases:

  • Integrate with existing services: Using a cloud communication tool such as CxC Webex calling, you can vastly improve existing services. For example, this application may be integrated with existing services such as Microsoft teams to further enhance your existing software by giving it additional features.
  • Connect your locations: One of the greatest benefits of cloud communication is its ability to unify your various systems. CxC Webex calling allows you to connect your business worldwide, instead of having multiple phone systems for each location you can have it all in one application.  
  • Reduce hardware and staff: Cloud communication does not require any additional hardware nor maintenance staff; thus, it is quick to implement and a cost-effective option. Additionally, through CxC Webex calling you have access to a flexible subscription plan to fulfill your needs. 


  • Upgrade for up-to-date security: With the rising issue of cybersecurity, it is important to upgrade to a cloud communication system to tackle this issue. CxC Webex calling is the latest software. This application has been designed to ensure that everything you share, say and type will be protected through an end-to-end encryption system.


Additionally, if you have any issues Convergia offers 24/7/365 support in the language of your choice, we are always available to help! 
Improve your business by implementing Convergia’s cloud communication tool CxC Webex calling.

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