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CCV Webex Calling is a complete enterprise phone system in the cloud, with all the benefits of a traditional office PBX phone system and team collaboration solution in a single package offered through a flexible subscription model with centralized administration, security, and reliability you can trust

Webex Calling

Solution Overview

How does it work?

  • Receive an IP-phone directly to your location and just plug and play. Make your first call in 2 minutes after connecting your phone
  • Easy app installation for PC, MAC, android and IOS in minute.
  • Intuitive interface that make your life easy.d.
  • Ability to execute calls, chat and Web conference from any device.
  • Stay informed about the status of your colleagues in the company with PRESENCE

What can CCV Webex Calling do for you?

PBX Phone System in the Cloud

Receive customers with a virtual receptionist and personalized voice mailboxes. Make calls with extension numbers, direct inward dialing (DID) numbers, directory URIs (email-style addresses), or directory-based dialing

Cloud Migration and Integration

Offers synchronized directory with Microsoft Active Directory and dial plans for mixed cloud and on-premises networks.

Centralized Cloud Phone System Management

Easy to provision, manage, and set up any phone service from one centralize console. It has a simple interface for IT and a self-care portal so users can handle basic settings and preferences.


Use the service on your desktop and mobile devices to be more productive, from anywhere.


Cost Reductions


Centralized Administration

OpEx not CaEpx cost model, transparent cost, no maintenance, rapid deployment

Complete protection through end-to-end encryption

One place to manage an configure all phone cloud services

Hybrid Solutions

Fully integrated works with cloud apps like Office 365 and G suites.


Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to make and receive calls on the go.

Cloud Based Solution

Always up to date with the latest versions

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