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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Cloud-Based Phone System can change your business and increase productivity


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There has been a shift in how we work due to the world global situation, it has become vital for various individuals to be able to work from home. Therefore, we have had to adapt our homeplaces to emulate the office, to do so we have developed various tools. One of these tools has been created to optimize communication and replace the office phone, which is a Cloud-based Phone system.

In this article we will talking about how to we maintain communication in a business without the need for the classic office phone by using a Cloud-based Phone system.


You may be wondering what is a cloud-based phone system? One example is CxC 3CX, which is a HPBX phone system (Hosted Private Branch Exchange).

PBX stands for Private branch exchange, which is a complicated way to describe a typical business telephone. PBX has been around for a long time and it allows a business to maintain communication with features such as phone calls, voice mail, and more.

However, shifting to a cloud-based phone system will grant various benefits. HPBX allows for a simple installation that allows any business to cut cost maintain all the benefits of a traditional PBX system and boost productivity.             

What the cloud can do for you:

You may be wondering what the advantages of this new cloud-based phone system. Apart from the reduction in cost you access to a secure and highly mobile form of communication and several tools that can enhance your efficiency. Here are some ways to use CxC 3CX to boost productivity:

1. Simplify your meetings and create live content:
Using CxC 3CX, you will be able to take full control of your meetings. There are several tools included allowing you to schedule meetings and full control of several factors such as who is invited, the duration, and more. Additionally, you can enhance the productivity of your meetings as this solution allows you to share documents, your screen, record, and other benefits.

CxC 3CX can also be used to produce live webinars to hundreds of users, you can interact you are your audience through the chat system, creating polls and even use a whiteboard to enhance your presentation.

2. Improve Communication:
Communication is key for any business thus there are several functions that have been integrated into CxC 3CX including a voicemail system, digital receptionist, chat system, call recording, and website integration. It is a one-stop-shop allowing to keep close contact with your entire organization. It may also be used to maintain direct contact with your customers at the same time.

3. Simplicity at its finest, with flexibility:
There is no need to worry about the setup, our CxC 3CX solution is simple to set up and we will handle all the configurations and maintenance necessary. Without the need to focus on maintenance, you can instead focus on what your business does best.

Additionally, it is simple to access from anywhere at any time. All that is required is an internet capable device, then you can login through the Convergia web portal or download the 3CX app. this grants the user a great amount of flexibility as you can take you work anywhere!

These are just a few of the benefits you will receive with CxC 3CX solution, switch to our cloud-based phone system and ensure a more secure, budget friendly system that will boost your business productivity. 



Convergia offers competitive rates, with Pan American coverage and 24/7 support in your local language, make the switch today and we will guide you every step of the way!

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