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Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that perform the same task as a mouse or other device, making it easy to save time and improve work efficiency.

In general, keyboard shortcuts allow us to increase our productivity, perform more simultaneous tasks, reduce stress, and helps us to maintain concentration.

Also, like any unified communication tool, 3CX has keyboard shortcuts that will help you take advantage of its most used functions by leaving the mouse aside.

By using the keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to do in seconds the different functions offered by the platform, such as answering or rejecting a call, starting a new conversation, transferring calls, and putting calls on hold, among many others.

1. Enabling keyboard shortcuts:

Enabling them is much easier than you think! First, you must click on ‘Options‘, then, select ‘Quick Keys‘ and lastly, check ‘Enable‘. You can customize the key combination according to your preferences.

2. The most common 3CX keyboard shortcuts:

The following are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts:

– Copy a number to the clipboard: F11

– Answer a call: Ctrl + Shift + A

– Blind transfer: Ctrl + Shift + B

– Attended Transfer: Ctrl + Shift + T

– Place on hold: Ctrl + Shift + H

– Send inbound call to call box: Ctrl + Shift + V

– Hang up or reject call: Ctrl + Shift + F

3. Use your BLF PANEL and save time!

What is the BLF PANEL?

It’s a tool that 3CX has with which you can view the status of your contacts, call them or perform different functions with one click.

This panel will help you save a lot of time, because if your partner has the status of ‘busy’ (yellow light), you can avoid calling or transferring a call, thereby investing your time into other tasks.

Still unsure of what each status color means? It is very simple and easy to remember:

  • The color green, means ‘Available.’
  • If the light is yellow, as we mentioned, the user is ‘Unavailable’ or ‘Away.’
  • Red means ‘Do not disturb’ or ‘Busy.’
  • Finally, the light green color means that the user is on a break and will not be able to answer.

These are some of the most remarkable shortcuts that will help you work more efficiently and productively on the 3CX platform.

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