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The expansion and growth of urban centers since the 1960s have defined how people around the world organize and live with their surroundings. Currently, 55% of the world’s population resides in urban centers, and it is estimated that by 2050 this percentage will increase to 68%, thereby increasing not only the size of the cities but also the complexity of the management and administration processes of resources. The large volume of resources that an average city consumes leads to the generation of massive amounts of waste that pollutes the environment, which negatively affects the planet and all its inhabitants. Luckily, in recent years, technological progress has facilitated the development of solutions such as IoT, which allows us to deal with all these environmental problems more efficiently. IoT technology is focused on building cities that improves the quality of life through automated processes and smart sensors such as the Smart Environment, that controls and optimizes vital parameters for the proper functioning of an urban center.

How have cities improved after the implementation of a Smart Environment solution?

There are already several municipalities and companies that have implemented the Smart Environment solution, focusing on improving the services that are available to citizens and therefore their quality of life. Through IoT technology, smart sensors store various types of data in the cloud, which can then be used to implement processes that are sustainable with the urban environment. Its effectiveness is reflected in the 28.6% market share that smart cities have in the global IoT market, surpassing automotive industries, the health sector, and smart homes.

What are the benefits offered by the IoT Smart Environment?

With the information provided by the IoT Smart Environment sensors, you will be able to make better long-term strategic decisions that will accelerate innovation and positively impact citizens, consumers, businesses and governments. Some important benefits of the IoT Smart Environment solution are:

Do you know the applications of the IoT Smart Environment sensors?

The IoT Smart Environment sensors are capable of being implemented in various ways, always with sustainability and environmental care as a priority. Some of its main applications are:
Faced with the increase in environmental problems and the extension of urban centers around the world, it is important to consider the effectiveness of solutions such as the IoT Smart Environment, to create clean and optimal environments. Only with the IoT technology used in these sensors, cities will be able to plan, control, monitor and certify the activity of services that will help improve the quality of life for everyone.
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