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The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the last few years allows us to connect with objects and resources to collect information and perform previously unimaginable tasks. One of these resources is water, a vital element for all people that thanks to IoT technology can be optimized in terms of management and measurement processes.

This technology is embodied in intelligent sensors that have great precision and calibration included performing a series of tasks as part of the monitoring of water resources. The remote control of water quality allows you to be aware at all times and with detailed information on the water levels of your company. The connection of these intelligent sensors to the Cloud allows interoperability from any platform and immediately, thus facilitating the supervision and measurement of all processes with water resources that are being developed.

Benefits of using sensors to measure our water levels

Monitors soil moisture: The use of these sensors helps farmers optimize their production and make better decisions regarding irrigation processes. The long-lasting battery and the power of the intelligent sensors allow irrigation efficiency according to the characteristics of each crop and the climatic conditions. The management of soil moisture will allow adequate monitoring of crop growth to obtain the best products.

It helps to match the water requirements of the crop: No crop is equal to the other, so it is essential to adequately meet the needs of each one, especially as regards the water used. Smart sensors allow determining the amount of water in the crops with the water requirements of each irrigation process. This coordination is carried out simultaneously and immediately, facilitating the work of farmers and increasing the production of their crops significantly.

Prevents excessive water losses: Intelligent sensors optimize the management of water resources using only the quantities necessary for each process, avoiding losses due to deep percolation or runoff. This efficient management of water resources allows avoiding excessive energy consumption, thus reducing water costs and negative impacts on the environment.

By implementing these smart sensors in your company, you will be able to optimally manage all your water resources and improve your production. With greater control over your use of water, you can obtain detailed information at all times that will allow you to track possible faults and make the necessary adjustments immediately. Only by applying IoT technology in your water management can you obtain all these benefits in your company.