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All business operations have a jarring number of devices to monitor/manage, therefore Convergia has created a web-based platform that can simplify this process. Introducing Convergia’s CxC Smart Asset, a combination of a tracker device and a platform designed to help monitor your resources. In this article we will go through this web-based platform, and how it works when combined with our sensor technology.

What is Convergia’s web-based platform?

CxC Smart asset is a web-based platform that includes a cellular tracker sensor device. The device that is included is ready to install, has GPS location and can measure several different factors (temperature, humidity, shock/vibration, etc.). The web-based platform is pre-configured with multi-carrier cellular configuration, so that you have access to always-on wireless connectivity which is monitored/managed by Convergia to reduce your workload.

  • Our platform comes with several unique features that can only be found when combining our devices with this software, which include:
  • Off the shelf deployment
  • Real time tracking
  • IP67 dust & water-resistant
  • 24/7 tracking
  • Solar charger supports (10-year battery life)
  • Built in thermal sensor
  • OTA or local programming
  • Configurable IOs
  • On board geofencing and memory
  • And many more

What are the benefits of our web-based platform?

Through Convergia’s web-based platform, you will gain various unique benefits that can only be found with Convergia. Using CxC Smart Asset device and its portal you gain access to:

User defined rules

  • Sensor rule engine
  • Map based tracking
  • User defined geo-fencing
  • Alerts engine based on rules
  • Reporting of all events
  • Customizable features
  • Multi-tenant platform
  • Managed hosted solution
  • long battery life
  • Up to 3700 pings
  • Ultra-low power platform
  • Low device and deployment costs
  • And many more

Every business needs to be able keep their devices/assets in check and with Convergia’ web-base platform CxC Smart asset, this process is far simpler. You can take advantage of the CxC smart asset sensor that is provided or combine it with our existing CxC devices which include Smart Agriculture, Smart environment, Smart Building and Smart water.

Additionally, you will have several unique benefits such as Convergia’s 24/7/365 support in the language of your choice. Find out more about how our device management software and sensors can be implemented into your operations!

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Author: joanna_garcia