CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

CxC Edge Netgate: A security appliance to reduce your costs and keep your business safe


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The biggest threat that every company faces nowadays is cybersecurity, thus there has been a high demand for security products and solutions. Through Convergia’s partnership with Netgate and Pfsense+ we have created the CxC Edge Netgate, a security appliance designed to keep you safe whilst including many of the features available in software defined and managed CPE routers. In this article we will discuss this device and how it can benefit your business.

What is a network Security Appliance?

The security appliance we are discussing is specialized in keeping your network safe whilst providing several additional benefits. The CxC Edge Netgate was created not only to ensure that your network is secure, but to boost performance and cut costs. Additionally, with Convergia you have the option of including our CxC Router Wireless network solution to be used as a failover solution.

The benefits and characteristics of Convergia’s security Appliance:

Convergia’s security appliance also known as the CxC Edge Netgate, comes with several benefits. This includes a flexible VPN, stateful inspection firewall and the QoS traffic shaper and more.

Our device has many unique characteristics such as being an Open Source-Driven security appliance, which allows for accelerated innovation and increase flexibility/efficiency. Additionally, it has deployment flexibility, meaning it can be used in several different types of deployment such as the Cloud (AWS or AZURE), virtual Machine (VMware) and on premise (H/W appliances).

Where Can I use this Security Appliance?

Convergia’s CxC Edge Netgate can be used in several different types of businesses, and we have different devices depending on the performance you require the options available are made for either a small office, enterprise, or a data center. Additionally, this security appliance is commonly used in:

  • Retail/food bank branches
  • Hospitality/hotel/entertainment venue
  • School/university campus
  • Distributed kiosks
  • Commercial offices
  • Medical sites with secure HIPAA requirements
  • Design and development shops
  • And many more

PfSense is included in these security Appliance?

PfSense is available on CxC Edge Netgate appliances. PfSense is the world’s leading open-source driven firewall, router, and VPN solution for network edge and cloud secure networking. Since is provided along with CxC Edge Netgate, it brings you these benefits:

  • Firewall: Covers all the bases – packet filter, stateful packet inspection, proxy server, and next generation firewall feature sets.
  • Router: Supports strong policy-based routing, static/dynamic routing, IPv4/v6 support, and more.
  • VPN: Leverage IPsec, OpenVPN, or Wireguard technology for remote-access or site-to-site VPN needs.
  • Attack Prevention: pfSense Plus offers a suite of highly regarded add-in packages to effectively address attack prevention.
  • Proxy & Content Filtering: HTTP/HTTPS proxy, non-transparent/transparent caching proxy, Domain/URL/Anti-virus filtering, domain name blacklisting.

Why use Convergia’s security Appliance?

If you are looking for a device that can keep your network safe whilst optimizing performance and cutting cost, then the CxC Edge Netgate is the perfect device for you. Apart from the previously mentioned benefits, Convergia will provide unique offerings such as 24/7/365 support in the language of your choice and many more. Find out more about our security appliance and the countless solutions that we are currently offering!

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