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Cybersecurity: Companies are the Main Victims of Cyber-Attacks


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The pandemic has not only represented a challenge in health and economic terms but has also increased the number of cyber threats directed at companies, making the role of cybersecurity more relevant than ever.

Cyber-crooks are taking advantage of these uncertain times to launch digital attacks on companies of all sectors and sizes.

These attacks can represent a serious blow to any business, especially in economic and credibility terms, as a data leak can cause a company to lose the trust of its customers.

1. Cybersecurity on the rise

As we have already mentioned, the pandemic – coupled with the spread of teleworking – is significantly increasing cybersecurity gaps in companies. This is mentioned in the Digital Trust Survey 2021 report, prepared by PwC based on the opinions of 3,249 managers and technology managers in companies around the world. The report also reveals that, in this context, and despite the difficult situation from a business point of view, companies are betting on increasing their investments in cyber security and increasing their teams. According to the study, 55% of that were interviewed plan to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021, thus making a leap in the use of digital technologies.

2. What are the most common cyber-attacks?

The report also explains the most common cyber-attacks that companies can suffer, take note!

– Attacks targeting cloud services

– The “ransomware”(encryption of company data)

– Disruptive attacks on critical business areas

In terms of impact, respondents estimate that attacks targeting their cloud services along with ransomware are the ones that can potentially have the most negative effect on businesses.

3. The role of telecommunications

Faced with this scenario, companies require experts who can advise and support them to increase their cybersecurity.
Convergia and FatPipe have ideal SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solutions for every company size and with countless benefits such as cost savings, better productivity, optimized network, 24/7 support by people for people, and of course, the best protection against any cyber-attack.

In addition, you will get the support of a company, with a solid Pan-American presence and experience in the Telecommunications and Technology market for more than 20 years

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