CxC Wireline: A reliable wireline network for all your operational needs


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Nowadays the need for connectivity is greater than ever before, business required a large amount of data and at a high speed. Typically, a wireline network is used due to its ability to efficiently connect devices in your office whilst meeting connectivity needs.


Therefore, one of the most important choices is choosing the appropriate wireline network, to make this simpler Convergia has introduced CxC Wireline. In this article, we will discuss what it is, the benefits and the potential industries that can benefit from it.

Wireline vs Wireless?

Wireline is a wireline network that can connect systems across long distances whilst providing a high-speed and secure connection . On the other hand, we have wireless, which is quick to set up and is very mobile. These two types of connections have various advantages and disadvantages and excel in their scenarios.

A wireline network tends to have greater speeds, better security, fewer interruptions/outages, and it is highly compatible between several office devices. However, wireline has the drawback of taking a long time to install, troublesome maintenance and lack mobility. On the other hand, wireless excels in its capability to be placed anywhere and to be quickly deployed, however it is less potent and secure.

You may be wondering, which type of connection is best? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer as it entirely depends on your specific business needs. Both have benefits depending on the situations you may opt for having one over the other or you may choose to have both.

What is CxC Wireline?

CxC Wireline is a high-speed wireline connection between your business and anywhere in the world over a private network or securely over the public internet. This solution is high speed, low latency, flexible and fortified with end-to-end security. CxC Wireline comes with several benefits such as global coverage, static IP, SDWAN, MPLS, VPLS, NNI, Point to point and more.



To keep things simple Convergia handles the maintenance/management, as well as the negotiation/escalation with your service provider. Additionally, no matter how many providers you may have everything is under one bill.

Currently, Convergia’s CxC Wireline is available throughout Pan-America (Canada, US, Mexico, and Latin America) and provides local Points of Presence (PoP) through a dedicated high-speed  network.  Thanks to our dedicated support team, we can monitor and manage your connection 365/24/7 and provide support in the language of your choice.

Here are some of the industries that can benefit from employing CxC Wireline Connection:

  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Government

As technology continues to advance wireline will always have a place in business. Convergia’s CxC wireline aims to provides a fast, flexible, and secure connection that is available globally to any device.

Our solution is available throughout Pan-America with last-mile wireline/wireless connectivity to the best cloud providers of voice, data and IoT connectivity

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Author: Joanna