CxC Hybrid SD-WAN

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For this promotion, we provide the XS service point delivered with CxC Full Service Monitoring and Management. All of our configurations combine access (BYO), equipment, an SD-WAN feature package and a service SLA. Easy to choose, easy to customize for your business needs.

XS Service Point SD-WAN as a Service with Meraki

The Meraki Advantage

  • Basic SD-WAN, Security capabilities
  • Easy to manage full stack branch with simple GUI
  • Enterprise or advance licensing at lower cost/Mbps
  • Delivered as a Service, fully ngena managed




100 Mbps

500 Mbps

1 Gbps

$171 USD

$477 USD

$87 USD


used for 100 Mbps single access

XS Service Point SD-WAN as a Service with Viptela



$279 USD

50 Mbps

100 Mbps

500 Mbps

1 Gbps

$434 USD

$957 USD

$1,243 USD

The Viptela Advantage

Supports complex, customizable WAN topologies



  • Flexible, secure, end to end segmentation
  • Advanced routing, and security features
  • Delivered as a Service, fully ngena managed

used for 50 Mbps single access

Convergia's also offering one month free SD-WAN service customer credit

Experience the power of CxC Hybrid SD-WAN powered by ngena's Service Point Solution!

  • Automatic security patches and software updates
  • Access to the Cloud
  • Increased Application Performance
  • Pre-design Networks
  • Cisco Meraki and Cisco SD-WAN
  • Best in class SD-WAN
  • No up-front costs/ Pay as you go
  • Global offering with SLA’s
  • Installation Included
  • Full end to end capabilities including cloud connection and security
  • Fast time to value
  • Built-in Security
Learn more about ngena Service Point
  • Valid on minimum 36-month contract from 03/01/2022 through 06/30/2022. To qualify, all sales must be customer signed & submitted on or before 06/30/2022

Terms and Conditions

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Disclaimers- Connectivity

  • Feasibility pending to be confirmed
  • WAN router maintenance included
  • Topology considers single DIA access
  • Cellular modem and SIM not included

Disclaimers- SD-WAN

  • SD-WAN CPE included
  • Although the SD-WAN pricing is firm, a thorough technical assessment must be conducted to make sure all Network, security, management requirements are taken into consideration
  • Maintenance and Management included
  • Onsite Installation Included
  • Topology considers single DIA access
  • Additional topologies may include 2nd diverse DIA access. Active - Active or Active - Standby configurations
  • Does not include any LAN cabling or equipment (eg. LAN switches, FW, etc).

About Convergia:

Convergia is the Pan-American Value-Added Distributor of Connectivity Solutions

Convergia is the convergence of connectivity for people, machines and business

20+ Years experience as a Connectivity Distributor

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