Use Cases

Flexible Connectivity

  • Any Time
  • Any Where

Fast Connectivity

  • High Speed
  • Low Latency

Fortified Connectivity

  • Private
  • End to End Security

CxC Flex is an easy to deploy service that empowers our Pan-American customers to create flexible, fast and fortified Megaport connections between the leading cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, SAP, Oracle and last mile to your infrastructure

What is Convergia’s CxC Flex Multicloud?


Reach the cloud from wherever you are and transport your data easily

Direct access to data centers of major public cloud

Match your connection speed with your workloads

Lower the connection cost up to 25%, download information

Make your connections flexible and ready to grow


To any Cloud

For Hybrid Cloud

Private Secure Dedicated Internet Access

Public Secure VPN Connection over the internet

CxC Flex Multicloud Competitive Advantages

Direct point to point connections for slower latency

Lower latency

  • CxC Flex always use private connections

Private Connexion to the Cloud

  • Customer data is secure all the time

Always get the best speed for your connection

Increased Reliability and speed

Connected servers in the cloud appear as local servers

Connect directly to in-premise networks

Up to 10 Gbps and any speed in between

Supported bandwith up to 10 Gbps

Financial Industries

The Industries CxC Flex Multicloud is best suited for:


Health Sector

Insurance Companies

Manufacturing Industries

Deploying hybrid solutions and transferring large amounts of transactional data between Cloud applications and on-premises data repositories need the security and reliability of CxC Flex

Business intelligence solutions moving big data to the Cloud needs the speed and the security of CxC Flex, so they can analyze the patterns that are hidden in the data and insure a better harvesting time

Capturing and processing lots of images and videos will achieve a time reduction during their upload, and their costs, thanks to CxC Flex higher speed and no cost for uploads

Managing large volumes of highly classified information will benefit from CxC Flex’s superior level of security

Deploying big data applications with video recognition to detect defective parts, or delays in the processes will benefit from the speed and processing capacity of the cloud, and the reliability, and speed, of CxC Flex to upload the data

CxC Flex Direct Multicloud

CxC Flex Dynamic Multicloud

CxC Flex Multicloud

  • Direct and private connection
  • Safest Connection
  • Lower latency
  • Over Internet and Encrypted
  • Cost effective
  • Faster Deployment
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Establish direct connection to all cloud services without using the public Internet, offering faster speed, lower latency, high reliability, stronger security and lower data cost

CxC Flex Direct Multicloud

Direct and private connection

- Public internet is not used

- Customer data is secure all the time

Safe Connection

No routing trough an unknown server

Connect directly to on-premises networks

Servers deployed on Cloud are part of the private network, adding computing and storage capacity to existing datacenters with high connection speed

Supported bandwidth up to 10 Gbps

Lower latency

  • Faster Deployment
  • All you need to reach any public cloud provider is a connection to the internet
  • Secure and Encrypted
  • All the data is secured by using Convergia VPN IPSec tunnels dynamically connecting to Convergia POPs
  • Cost effective
  • Using a public connection over the Internet greatly reduces costs

CxC Flex Dynamic Multicloud

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