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Azure ExpressRoute: Faster, Highly Secure and Predictive

The need for private connections within an organization is increasing due to the multiple virtual dangers that threaten the security of a company’s vital information. 


Faced with these risks, Azure ExpressRoute appears as the best solution to create private connections between the Azure database and the infrastructure of a local environment. Through these private connections provided by a connectivity provider, you can expand your local networks in the Microsoft Cloud and gain great advantages for your company.

1. Did you know that Azure ExpressRoute offers greater reliability and speed?

Having Azure ExpressRoute means not needing to use the public Internet, but instead, using a virtual Cloud for storage, backup, and recovery. These connections are extremely reliable because ExpressRoute circuits are not assigned to physical entities but represents a connection between your data center and Microsoft Cloud services.


The high speed and performance provided by ExpressRoute will allow you to create hybrid applications that cover both your local infrastructure and Azure, always safeguarding all your important data and information. By expanding and connecting your local environment, Azure will appear to be a natural extension of your data center, thus increasing your bandwidth without the need to lose your connections.

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2. What are the benefits of Azure ExpressRoute?

– Private connections to Azure: 

With ExpressRoute you can enhance the security of your vital data through three-level connectivity. This establishes connections with Azure in an ExpressRoute location or directly from the WAN network, thereby, optimizing your network and protecting it from virtual threats.
– More reliability and speed: 

The use of ExpressRoute connections will mean having complete reliability in the security of your information and lower latency than the usual connections over the Internet, thus being able to transfer data between local systems more quickly and efficiently.
– The Bandwidth of up to 100 Gbps: 

The connection to Azure offered by ExpressRoute also implies having bandwidths of up to 100 Gbps, which facilitates the transfer of large volumes of data, replication for business continuity and recovery from possible disasters.
– Integration with the global Microsoft network: 

By making use of ExpressRoute connections, you will have access to Microsoft Cloud services, both Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Office 365 digital ecosystem. This way you will be enabling bi-directional connectivity between the WAN and the entire Microsoft environment, optimizing all your networks in the process.

There is no doubt that by implementing Azure ExpressRoute in your business, you can increase the security of all your connections, protecting them against any threat and generating greater reliability. 


The circuits and pairings that it provides to your data center, will allow you to enjoy the scaling of your bandwidth and connectivity to the Cloud without compromising the performance of your network and the security of your information.

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