CxC Router: A wireless connection to boost your business

Nowadays every business needs an internet connection to operate, most will have both a wired and a wireless connection. This technology has several advantages such as requiring less equipment, mobility, ease of use, and overall convenience.  


Today’s data demands make it difficult for a wireless connection to fulfill all your corporate needs, therefore it is important to have the right setup. The router is vital piece of equipment and it can be one of the best tools to help fulfill the demands on your connection. In this article, we will be discussing routers, specifically we will talk about the Convergia CxC DIGI Router, what it is and some of if its use cases. 

How does our Wireless connection work?

Through our partnership with DIGI (a pioneer in wireless communication), Convergia offers the CxC Digi Router/DIGI EX15; a secure enterprise ready device, that offers gigabit ethernet with cellular primary or failover connectivity The CxC DIGI router is top of the line, capable of 5GE LTE and LTE advance Pro Cat 18 to match your bandwidth needs and future proof your network.  


The CxC DIGI router comes with dual SIM card slots for operator redundancy, thus guaranteeing you an unfailing connection. Additionally, the device comes with mounting accessories and a battery pack, so you may place it wherever.  The DIGI router aims to provide you with a wireless connection that is high qualityfastsecuremobile, and always available. 


Apart from the hardware aspects, the CxC DIGI router also includes a cloud-based tool known as the DIGI remote manager. This tool allows for remote management of your devices using any internet capable device via a web browser.  


This tool has several monitoring features such as reports/alerts on performance statistics, connection history, signal quality, latency, data usage and packet loss. Additionally, you can track status/location, update firmware, edit configurations, active/deactivate cellular lines and monitor data.  


The DIGI remote manager aims to gives you all the tools you require to manage your wireless connection and hardware. This tool gives you have full control and guarantees a qualitysecurefast, and mobile service. 

Use Cases for a wireless connection:

  • Fail over solution 

Network outages can be detrimental to any business, without a connection you loose productivityreputationsales, and your staff is unable to work. With the CxC DIGI Router, you have a wireless connection that can easily be integrated with your current infrastructure, providing you with a failover solution which you can switch to if your primary connection fails. 


  • Primary/Mobile connection: 

Businesses and their staff greatly benefit from the ability to be mobile, however they require the right tools to do so. The CxC DIGI Router gives you the mobility you need, as it is capable of being your primary internet connection regardless of location. When the CxC DIGI router is paired with a SIM card it creates a wireless connection which can be implemented anywhere. 


 This is ideal for any business that is either unable to access a fiber optic connection (due to location) or does not want to deal with the installation cost/time.  Additionally, due to its mobility the CxC DIGI router can be used as an internet connection for staff members when they are travelling abroad. 


  • Cut cost and ensure privacy 

Maintaining your own internet infrastructure has a high cost and safety concerns as it can be highly susceptible to online threats. With the CxC DIGI Router Convergia we will ensure that your wireless connection is secure through our access point name (APN) and our virtual private network (VPN). Furthermore, Convergia will handle the maintenance, thus you are able to cut cost as do not require to dedicate your own staff. 


Convergia’s Wireless connection 


The CxC DIGI router provides you with a wireless connection that can function as your primary or your backup connection, we have you covered in any situation and location. Convergia will deal with all the complex maintenance whilst providing you with all the benefits of a high qualityfastsecure, and mobile connection. Sign up today and take advantage of our wireless connection and all our benefits including 24/7/365 support in the language of your choice.  

Click here to find out more about our product! 


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CxC Router: A wireless connection to boost your business

Nowadays every business needs an internet connection to operate, most will have both a wired and a wireless connection. This technology has several advantages such as requiring less equipment, mobility, ease of use, and overall convenience.   Today’s data demands make it difficult for a wireless …

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