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Improving agricultural productivity requires investments in smart IoT technologies.

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This allows agricultural producers to obtain data for better controlling crop growth, preventing losses caused by adverse weather conditions or infectious pests and thus, facilitating the return on investments.
As the return on investments can be quantified in terms of actual numbers, Libelium has summarized in this new Quick Report the direct benefits of a Smart Agriculture Solution and the most demanded features that producers look for.

Solution Benefits



✓ Soil chemistry and behaviour
✓ Crop behavior
✓ Decision support system/Planning for planting, irrigation, spraying, harvesting
✓ Water monitoring and climate adaptations
✓ Disease management



✓ Forest fire prevention
✓ Ski resorts
✓ Roads and tunnels
✓ Heliports, ports and airports
✓ Cable Surface temperature
✓ Sports events
✓ Bridges


✓ Outbuilding status
✓ Meet legislation over the use of phytosanitaries
✓ Product safety
✓ Labor welfare
✓ Nutritional responsibility



✓ Nutritional responsibility
✓ Plants and animal health
✓ Local and global market presence
✓ Sustainability

Solution Features

Precision agriculture offers a better quality of life and reduces hard labor to attract younger generations of farmers. Re-population in rural áreas needs human resources dedicated to agricultural activity
• Human intervention only when needed
• Time spent
• Crop losses through disease or adverse weather
• Saving costs, reducing use of fertilizers, pesticides and consumables
• Fight against droughts, scarcity and famine
• Higher crop yield
• Better quality
• Understand which factors govern crops growth and yields
• Guaranteeing food security

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