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Business continuity and disaster recovery denote an organization’s ability to recover from an unexpected disaster or event and resume operations. Organizations often have an established plan that describes how recovery will be achieved.

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The key to successful disaster recovery is to have a plan (emergency plan, disaster recovery plan, and continuity plan) long before a disaster occurs.

Managers dedicate a lot of time and effort to ensure that their data and applications are available when needed. The general approach to business continuity in the cloud is no different than in any other environment. The same principles and objectives apply, but the implementation and process will be different.

You can group availability problems into two comprehensive sets:

  • Failure of individual machines, servers or devices.
  • Data Corruption, unwanted information modification, or deletion.

To restore machines or servers, you need a Disaster recovery plan in place aligned with a tool to automate as much of the task as possible. Based on Azure, we provide Convergia Business Continuity Disaster Recovery, keeping images of your servers available in the cloud to recover them as soon as possible.

To restore data after any type of loss, we provide Convergia Business Continuity Backup, where you can store information for as long as ten years.

Solution Benefits


On-premises Data

Files, folders, system state. Or use Azure Backup Server to protect on-premises VMs.


Azure VMs

Back up entire VMs  (Windows or Linux ) or back up files, folders, and system state.


Azure Files shares

Back up Azure File shares to a storage account .


SQL Server in Azure VMs

Back up SQL Server databases running on Azure VMs.


SAP HANA databases in Azure VMs

Backup SAP HANA DBs running on Azure VMs.

Solution Features

Using Convergia Business Continuity Disaster Recovery, you can implement a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy to keeps all your data safe, and your apps and workloads running, when any planned or unplanned outages happen.

Convergia Business Continuity Disaster Recovery helps your BCDR strategy with the following components:

helps ensure business continuity by keeping business applications and workloads running during interruptions. Site Recovery replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines (VMs) from a primary site to a secondary location. When an interruption occurs at its main site, it goes to a secondary location and accesses applications from there. After the main location is running again, you can return to it.
The Azure Backup service keeps your data safe and recoverable by backing it up to Azure.
can manage replication for:
– Azure VMs replicating between Azure regions.
– On-premises VMs, Azure Stack VMs and physical servers.

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